Season Six Episode Guide

The Red Woman

Episode #: 601
Air Date: 04.24.16
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Ser Davos tries to defend Jon Snow's body inside Castle black, while Sansa finds it difficult to elude the Bolton forces. Jaime's return to King's Landing brings more sorrow to Cersei, and Daenerys finds herself at the mercy of another Dothraki Khal -- while Jorah and Daario search the countryside for her. In Dorne, the Sand Snakes make their move against the Martell dynasty.


Episode #: 602
Air Date: 05.01.16
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While Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven, Jaime sees the power wielded by the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant. Tyrion resolves to set free the beasts beneath the pyramid, and a newcomer arrives in the Iron Islands. At Castle Black, a desperate Davos turns to outsiders for help.


Episode #: 603
Air Date: 05.08.16
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Jon Snow's return stuns his friends and allies at Castle Black, while Daenerys arrives in the Dothraki capital. As Tommen attempts to confront the High Sparrow in King's Landing, in Bravos Arya's training takes a big step forward. Elsewhere, Bran bears witness to a fateful battle that his father took part in as a young man.

Book of the Stranger

Episode #: 604
Air Date: 05.15.16
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With Daenerys's fate in the hands of the assembly of khals, Jorah and Daario attempt to infiltrate the city of Vaes Dothrak -- while back in Mereen Tyrion sues for peace with the Old Masters. John and Sansa are reunited, and in King's Landing Cersei and Jaime attempt to rally the Tyrells against the High Sparrow. Elsewhere, Theon returns home to the Iron Islands.

The Door

Episode #: 605
Air Date: 05.22.16
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After receiving news from Littlefinger, Sansa tries to rally an alliance in the North. Arya gets a second chance to prove herself, while the ironborn choose their new leader. As Tyrion turns to a Red Priestess for support in Meereen, in the North Bran's location is betrayed to the enemy.

Blood of My Blood

Episode #: 606
Air Date: 05.29.16
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Jaime and the Tyrells marshal their forces to confront the High Sparrow before Margaery's walk of atonement, while Arya must choose whether to kill her target. Sam introduces Gilly to his family at Hornhill, and in the North Bran and Meera encounter a new ally.

The Broken Man

Episode #: 607
Air Date: 06.05.16
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Queen Margaery learns that her grandmother's life is in danger in King's Landing, as Jaime and Bronn arrive at the seige of Riverrun. Jon and Sansa find it difficult to rally support from the Northern houses, while a former member of the King's army tries to start a new life with a remote community.

No One

Episode #: 608
Air Date: 06.12.16
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Brienne arrives at Riverrun to find Jaime laying siege, and offers to appeal to Brynden Tully for a peaceful end. Cersei tries to take a stand against the Faith Militant, while Meereen comes under a new threat. A wounded Arya faces her greatest challenge yet.

Battle of the Bastards

Episode #: 609
Air Date: 06.19.16
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Daenerys must reassert her control over Meereen when the old masters attack, while Yara and Theon seek a new alliance. Jon Snow prepares his army for a bid to retake control of Winterfell from a superior foe, while Sansa warns that Ramsay Bolton is not to be underestimated.

The Winds of Winter

Episode #: 610
Air Date: 06.26.16
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The day of Cersei's trial arrives in King's Landing, while Jaime is forced to dine with the Freys. In the North, Ser Davos confronts Melisandre about the fate of young Shireen, and Sansa and Jon face an uncertain future with more enemies than friends. In the East, Daenerys makes preparation to begin her grand journey to Westeros.