1999-2004  (SCI FI)



Season One

Astronaut John Crichton is sent through a wormhole to a distant part of the universe, where he joins a crew of escaped prisoners on board a living ship -- pursued by a renegade Peacekeeper commander out for vengeance.


Season Two

New friends join the crew, and Crichton must flee from the cunning Scorpius -- a Scarran-Sebacean hybrid bent on obtaining advanced wormhole technology locked away in John's brain by an advanced alien species.


Season Three

Old friends say goodbye and a new face joins Moya's crew, as John Crichton and his friends endure the "season of death." The lost astronaut searches for the key to wormhole travel -- before the enemy gets there first.


Season Four

Moya's crew finds a dangerous new enemy and the most unlikely ally as they flee the Peacekeepers and Scarrans into a terrifying part of the universe. Two more oddballs join the ship, and John and Aeryn struggle with their future.

10.17.04 - 10.18.04

The Peacekeeper Wars

Moya and her crew are thrust into the middle of an inevitable war between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers, and seek help from a race of beings with a natural ability to bring about peace -- so that John Crichton does not have to resort to using his knowledge of wormhole weapons.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Farscape aired for four seasons and a miniseries on SCI FI Channel.