Battlestar Galactica
2005-2009  (Syfy)
Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica


Season One

The fleet faces new hardships while fleeing from the Cylons, who they discover now appear human. President Laura Roslin faces multiple challenges to her leadership.


Season Two

Military and political factions vie for control, threatening to tear the fleet apart. The crew discovers the Galactica was not the sole surviving Battlestar, and Laura Roslin comes face-to-face with her mortality.


Season Three

Dominated by Cylon rule on the planet New Caprica, the Colonial survivors fight for the survival of humanity. The Cylons are afflicated by a devestating illness, and Baltar does whatever he has to to stay alive.


Season Four

The surprise return of a lost crew member brings a startling new hope in the search for Earth, but the Cylons have plans of their own to find the lost thirteenth colony.

Mini-Series & Movies

When the Cylons attack the Twelve Colonies, the survivors must decide to fight or flee. Read more about the 2003 mini-series that launched the new BSG, plus the Web series and 2009's The Plan.


Original Series

The classic 1970s series! The Battlestar Galactica leads a ragtag, fugitive fleet on a lonely quest across the universe.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Battlestar Galactica ran for four seasons on Syfy Channel, including several Web-exclusive series, TV movies, and the spin-off prequel Caprica.