The Orville
2017-2022  (FOX, Disney+, Hulu)
The Orville

The Orville


Season One

In the 25th century an eager young Captain takes command of an exploratory space vessel, only to be paired with his estranged ex-wife as his first officer.

The Orville (Season 2)

Season Two

As the crew of the Orville crew continue to explore the galaxy, a seemingly insurmountable new threat to the Union emerges.

The Orville (Season Three: New Horizons)

Season Three: New Horizons

The Orville and her crew attempt to forge a new peace in the galaxy amidst ongoing conflicts with the Kaylon and Krill.


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. The Orville has concluded its three-season run, with the series moving from FOX to Hulu and Disney+.