The 100
2014-2020  (The CW)
The 100

The 100


Season One

A group of 100 young prisoners are sent from an orbiting colony to the surface of Earth to determine if the planet is inhabitable.


Season Two

The Ark survivors establish a new colony on the surface, and everything that the 100 thought they knew about Earth is turned upside-down with the discovery of a secret colony -- which has its own agenda.


Season Three

New and old threats test the loyalties of the survivors, push them past their limits, and make them question what it truly means to be human.


Season Four

Clarke and the survivors of the Ark crash find themselves in the midst of a brave new world, with an uncertain future.

The 100 (Season 5)

Season Five

More than six years after the planet was ravaged by Praimfaya, Clarke waits in hope to hear from her friends on the Ark, or the survivors inside the bunker -- until a prison ship drops from the sky. Are these newcomers friend or foe?

The 100 (Season 6)

Season Six

The survivors from Earth discover a new planet that offers hope for a peaceful future, but find that the native inhabitants harbor an unsettling secret in their quest for immortality.

The 100 (Season 7)

Season Seven

While the survivors attempt to build a new community at Sanctum, tensions between the disparate groups run high -- while on another world a powerful colony seeks the end of all human strife.


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CONCLUDED. The 100 aired for seven seasons on The CW.