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Doctor Who (Season 14 - 2024)

Season Fourteen

The Fifteenth Doctor takes his new companion, Ruby Sunday, on a tour through time and space, with new secrets and new dangers around every corner.



Read about the Doctor's Christmas adventures, plus the Tenth Doctor's march toward his prophesied end in the 2009 series, and the 50th anniversary special!

Doctor Who (1301) - The Halloween Apocalypse

Season Thirteen

The Doctor, Yaz, and their new companion Dan must defend the Earth from a devastating event called "the Flux," which forces both enemies and allies to act in desperation as it threatens to overwhelm the whole universe.

Doctor Who (Season 12)

Season Twelve

The Doctor, Ryan, Yas, and Graham encounter terrifying new monsters and old, familiar foes as they continue their adventures together in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Doctor Who (Season 11)

Season Eleven

With a brand new female regeneration the Doctor gathers a new group of companions for brand new adventures in time and space.


Season Ten

The Doctor moves forward with new companions Bill Potts and Nardole, facing new threats and old foes as the Twelfth Doctor moves toward his final chapter.


Season Nine

The Doctor and Clara's adventures continue from the Dalek homeworld to a Zygon invasion of Earth, and Clara faces a future that wasn't what she had planned.


Season Eight

The Doctor must rediscover himself once again after a new and unpredictable regeneration.


Season Seven

The Doctor bids farewell to old friends, and meets a young woman who represents an intriguing puzzle spanning the past, present, and future.


Season Six

The Doctor's friends must hide a dark secret after witnessing the death of his future self. Meanwhile, a cunning woman with a plan to destroy the Doctor sets her sights on Amy.


Season Five

The newly regenerated eleventh Doctor comes to the aid of a young Scottish girl with a crack in her bedroom wall, beginning a new series of incredible adventures.

Doctor Who (401) - Partners in Crime

Season Four

The Doctor is joined in his travels by Donna Noble, not realizing that someone from his past is desperately trying to reach him with a warning about a threat to the whole universe.


Season Three

After a crushing loss, the Doctor takes on board Martha Jones and shows her the universe she's never known. But the Doctor is on his way toward a confrontation with his greatest foe ever.


Season Two

Rose must get used to a new traveling companion after the Doctor is forced to regenerate, and the two battle Cybermen and Daleks to the edge of two universes.


Season One

After she meets the Doctor -- a solitary time traveler with a penchant for remarkable adventure -- young Rose Tyler's life will never be the same.

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Show Status

IN PRODUCTION. Ncuti Gatwa returns as the Fifteenth Doctor in a brand new season, premiering simultaneously on Friday, May 10 on Disney+ (outside the U.K. and Ireland) and Saturday, May 11 on BBC iPlayer and BBC One.

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