Specials Episode Guide

The Christmas Invasion

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.05
Our Rating:

As the Doctor lays unconscious, still regenerating, Earth faces its greatest threat ever when a vicious race of scavengers invade and threaten to sell the population into slavery.

The Runaway Bride

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.06
Our Rating:

The Doctor helps a woman get back to her wedding after she inexplicably shows up on board the TARDIS in outer space, only to learn that she is a pawn in a plot by the ancient Empress of the Rocnoss.

Voyage of the Damned

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.07
Our Rating:

The Doctor finds himself on board the Titanic, an interstellar luxury liner paying a visit to Earth -- and must save everyone on board when the vessel begins to plummet into the atmosphere.

The Next Doctor

U.K. Air Date: 12.25.08
Our Rating:

In Victorian England the Doctor is stunned to encounter a man who claims to be "the Doctor" -- perhaps a future incarnation of himself -- who is fighting against an invasion of Cybermen.

Planet of the Dead

U.K. Air Date: 11.04.09
Our Rating:

The Doctor joins forces with a precocious jewel thief after their bus travels through a vortex to San Helios, a desert world that has been consumed by a swarm of metallic stingray creatures.

The Waters of Mars

U.K. Air Date: 15.11.09
Our Rating:

The Doctor visits the first Earth base on the surface of Mars in 2059, where a water-based creature is threatening to wipe out the colonists. But the Doctor is convinced that this is a fixed point in time that he must not change.

The End of Time, Part 1

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.09
Our Rating:

Faced with the prophecy of his own death, the Doctor learns that his greatest foe is about to be resurrected -- with a new plan to conquer the human race.

The End of Time, Part 2

U.K. Air Date: 01.01.10
Our Rating:

With all of Earth under the Master's control, the Doctor tries to convince him that there is yet a greater threat to them both: the Time Lords are returning.

A Christmas Carol

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.10
Our Rating:

To save everyone on board a crashing ship the Doctor must change the heart of a bitter old man who controls the planet's clouds -- and who is holding has a beautiful young woman in cryonic stasis in his home.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.11
Our Rating:

The Doctor tries to help out a family from war-torn London by giving them a wonderful Christmas holiday, only to find the children lost in a living alien forest that is about to be harvested.

The Snowmen

Episode #: 706
U.K. Air Date: 25.12.12
Our Rating:

When Victorian London is beset by an army of intelligent snow a children's governess pleads with the Doctor for help, drawing him out of his isolation to save the planet once again.

The Day of the Doctor

U.K. Air Date: 23.11.13
Our Rating:

The Doctor crosses with his own timeline when a hole is torn in the fabric of reality, reuniting with two previous incarnations in order to save the Earth from a cunning Zygon infiltration ... and seal the fate of Gallifrey forever.

The Time of the Doctor

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.13
Our Rating:

The Doctor must stay for Christmas to defend a quiet little town from the onslaught of the galaxy's most dangerous races, all of whom fear what will happen when the Question is answered.

Last Christmas

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.14
Our Rating:

Clara and the Doctor arrive on an arctic base under siege by terrifying creatures that place people into a dream state -- and they may be the next victims, unless they can be saved by none other than Santa Claus.

The Husbands of River Song

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.15
Our Rating:

The Doctor crosses paths with River Song, who does not recognize him for who he is as she enlists his help in stealing the head of her husband King Hydroflax -- leading to a frantic chase across the galaxy when the King's giant robotic bodyguard comes looking for him.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.16
Our Rating:

After an encounter with a sickly young child the Doctor meets him again 24 years later, only to find that young Grant has become a real-life New York City superhero -- managing a mild-mannered alter ego while a group of hostile aliens plot to take control of the planet.
Doctor Who (2017) - Twice Upon A Time

Twice Upon A Time

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.17
Our Rating:

Fighting off his regeneration, the Doctor comes face-to-face with his original self at the South Pole -- along with a World War I soldier out of time, sending the Doctors on a mission to unravel the temporal anomaly.
"Resolution" (Doctor Who)


U.K. Air Date: 01.01.19
Our Rating:

The Doctor and her friends return home to discover that an alien creature, recovered from an archaeological dig, has come back to life and taken control of a host -- threatening the entire planet with the return of an ancient evil.
Doctor Who (1211) - Revolution of the Daleks

Revolution of the Daleks

U.K. Air Date: 01.01.2021
Our Rating:

While the Doctor is locked away in a Judoon prison Britain plans to roll out a prototype "security drone" on Earth — a retrofitted Dalek.
Doctor Who (2022 Special) - Eve of the Daleks

Eve of the Daleks

U.K. Air Date: 01.01.2021
Our Rating:

The need to reset the TARDIS leads the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan to a self-storage business in Manchester on New Year's Eve, where they find themselves trapped in a time loop amidst a deadly Dalek incursion.
Doctor Who (Specials) - Legend of the Sea Devils (2022)

Legend of the Sea Devils

U.K. Air Date: 16.04.2022
Our Rating:

The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan are pulled off course to China in 1807, where the legendary pirate queen Madame Chang has accidentally unleashed a Sea Devil – whose crew is hunting for a treasure that could doom the earth.
Doctor Who (Specials) - The Power of the Doctor

The Power of the Doctor

U.K. Air Date: 23.10.2022
Our Rating:

After the CyberMasters take a young child off a bullet train in space, the Doctor and Yaz discover a rogue planet near Earth in 1916 that harbors an unimaginable secret. While a pair of companions from the Doctor's past join with U.N.I.T., a Dalek spy offers to overthrow the Dalek race.
Doctor Who (Specials) - The Star Beast

The Star Beast

U.K. Air Date: 25.11.2023
Our Rating:

With a new old face the Doctor is drawn to London, as an alien attack force hunts for a furry alien creature on the run ... who finds shelter with Donna Noble's family.
Doctor Who (2003) - Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder

U.K. Air Date: 02.12.2023
Our Rating:

After the TARDIS crashes the Doctor and Donna are stranded on a space ship sitting at the farthest edge of space, where a disturbing alien entity may prove a threat to the whole universe.
Doctor Who (2023) - The Giggle

The Giggle

U.K. Air Date: 09.12.2023
Our Rating:

The Doctor and Donna are drawn into the game of one of the most powerful beings the Doctor has ever encountered – the Toymaker, who has set up shop on Earth in 1925 with a plan to wreak havoc across the planet.
Doctor Who (2023) - The Church on Ruby Road

The Church on Ruby Road

U.K. Air Date: 25.12.2023
Our Rating:

A brand new incarnation of the Doctor finds a young woman who is plagued by bad luck, the victim of goblins who are planning to steal a newborn baby on Christmas Eve.