Season Eight Episode Guide

Deep Breath

Episode #: 801
U.K. Air Date: 23.08.14
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The Doctor arrives in Victorian London to find a giant dinosaur in the Thames, and suffers an identity crisis -- while his friends struggle to fight a conspiracy of aliens who are stealing body parts from human beings.

Into the Dalek

Episode #: 802
U.K. Air Date: 30.08.14
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The Doctor is given an opportunity to be miniaturized and go inside the body of his nemesis, in order to heal the Dalek and discover why it has turned against its own kind. Meanwhile, Clara meets a nervous new teacher at her school.

Robot of Sherwood

Episode #: 803
U.K. Air Date: 06.09.14
Our Rating:

The Doctor takes Clara to twelfth-century Sherwood Forest and is surprised to see that Robin Hood is more than a myth -- and that the Sheriff of Nottingham has struck a dark bargain with visitors from the sky.


Episode #: 804
U.K. Air Date: 13.09.14
Our Rating:

The Doctor and Clara go in search of a creature that the Doctor believes everyone dreams about in the dark, and wind up in Danny Pink's past and at the very end of the universe.

Time Heist

Episode #: 805
U.K. Air Date: 20.09.14
Our Rating:

The Doctor and Clara are thrust into the middle of a high-security bank robbery with their memories wiped, and are pursued by a telepathic "Teller" threatening to destroy their minds with his ability to detect their guilt.

The Caretaker

Episode #: 806
U.K. Air Date: 27.09.14
Our Rating:

The Doctor goes undercover inside Clara's school to track and stop a threat that could destroy the planet, and finds himself also in the middle of her relationship with Danny Pink.

Kill the Moon

Episode #: 807
U.K. Air Date: 04.10.14
Our Rating:

The Doctor and Clara take one of her students to the Moon in the year 2049, where they encounter a team of astronauts have been sent to blow it up -- unaware of the impossible choice that lies before them.

Mummy On the Orient Express

Episode #: 808
U.K. Air Date: 11.10.14
Our Rating:

As Clara plans to say goodbye to the Doctor the two visit a beautiful train in space, where passengers are being stalked by a mummy who can only be seen by those about to die.


Episode #: 409
U.K. Air Date: 18.10.14
Our Rating:

With the Doctor in her pocket in a tiny TARDIS, Clara must keep a group of city workers alive when they are pursued by beings from a two-dimensional universe.

In the Forest of the Night

Episode #: 810
U.K. Air Date: 25.10.14
Our Rating:

When London and the whole world are taken over by a dense forest overnight, the Doctor finds himself searching for an explanation alongside Clara, Mr. Pink, and a group of school children -- all facing the possible end of humanity.

Dark Water

Episode #: 811
U.K. Air Date: 01.11.14
Our Rating:

Danny Pink is drawn into the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, prompting Clara to take extreme measures to seek the Doctor's help. Meanwhile Missy prepares to come face-to-face with the Doctor and unveil the secret of the "3W" corporation.

Death in Heaven

Episode #: 812
U.K. Air Date: 08.11.14
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With Cybermen flooding the streets of London and threatening the entire globe, U.N.I.T. swoops in to try and contain Missy. But the Doctor's confrontation with an old friend is interrupted by Clara and the surprise survival of Danny Pink.