Season Six Episode Guide

The Impossible Astronaut

Episode #: 601
U.K. Air Date: 23.04.11
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An older, more concerned Doctor summons Amy, Rory and River Song to witness a startling event, sending them to America in the year 1969 -- perhaps to try and stop it from happening. Meanwhile, Amy is confronted by a terrifying alien with the power to erase all memory of the encounter.

Day of the Moon

Episode #: 602
U.K. Air Date: 30.04.11
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The Doctor must escape the perfect prison and reunite his friends to come up with a plan to expose the Silence, a race of aliens that have been influencing Earth for millennia. Meanwhile, a small child may hold the key to saving the Doctor's life -- or ending it.

The Curse of the Black Spot

Episode #: 603
U.K. Air Date: 07.05.11
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The Doctor and his companions are drawn to a pirate ship adrift on still waters in the middle of the ocean, threatened by a beautiful siren who is claiming them one by one.

The Doctor's Wife

Episode #: 604
U.K. Air Date: 14.05.11
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The Doctor is lured outside the universe by an entity that steals his TARDIS, putting the TARDIS matrix into the body of a human woman and tormenting Amy and Rory.

The Rebel Flesh

Episode #: 605
U.K. Air Date: 21.05.11
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In the thirty-second century the Doctor finds a factory occupied by a team who use doppelgangers made of artificially created flesh to perform hazardous tasks. But when the "Gangers" begin acting on their own, the Doctor tries to convince the team that their duplicates are living beings.

The Almost People

Episode #: 606
U.K. Air Date: 28.05.11
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While the human survivors await rescue Jennifer's Ganger manipulates Rory and attempts to destroy the factory. When the Doctor learns he has a Ganger of his own, he and Amy clash over whether he can be trusted.

A Good Man Goes to War

Episode #: 607
U.K. Air Date: 04.06.11
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Rory and the Doctor come to Amy's rescue at a secret military base that is raising an army against the Doctor, calling on some old friends to save her and her new baby.

Let's Kill Hitler

Episode #: 608
U.K. Air Date: 27.08.11
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The TARDIS is hijacked by one of Amy and Rory's childhood friends, who takes them to Berlin on the eve of World War II. An old friend returns, and a secret weapon created to kill the Doctor is activated.

Night Terrors

Episode #: 609
U.K. Air Date: 03.09.11
Our Rating:

The Doctor comes to the aid of a child who is plagued by things that go bump in the night, and Amy and Rory are trapped inside a dollhouse.

The Girl Who Waited

Episode #: 610
U.K. Air Date: 10.09.11
Our Rating:

Rory and the Doctor try to rescue Amy after she is trapped in a quarantine facility where time passes more quickly, only to encounter her embittered future self.

The God Complex

Episode #: 611
U.K. Air Date: 17.09.11
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The Doctor and his companions are trapped in a hotel of horrors, where guests are subject to their worst nightmares orchestrated by a malevolent being that is invoking their worship.

Closing Time

Episode #: 612
U.K. Air Date: 24.09.11
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The Doctor pays a social visit to his former flatmate Craig, and can't resist sticking around when he senses something is wrong ... Cybermen are kidnapping department store workers.

The Wedding of River Song

Episode #: 613
U.K. Air Date: 01.10.11
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With time fractured and at a stand-still, the Doctor recounts his journey to Lake Silencio and his inevitable death on the order of the Silence. Meanwhile, his friends continue to search for a way to save his life.