2008-2013  (FOX)



Season One

F.B.I. Agent Olivia Dunham turns to an institutionalized genius and his estranged son for help in solving a string of strange events only explainable by "fringe" science.


Season Two

Agent Dunham and her team continue to investigate strange happenings, deeply complicated by the discovery of a parallel universe -- to which one of them has a very personal connection.


Season Three

The stakes get higher as the two universes draw closer together, with very different versions of the team members appearing.


Season Four

Thanks to a tenuous alliance, residents of the two universes work together to investigate new mysteries, leading to an epic battle for both their futures.


Season Five

With the world under assault, the team must rely on one another more than ever before in order to save humankind.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Fringe aired for five seasons on FOX.