12 Monkeys
2015-2018  (Syfy)
12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys


Season One

A man from the year 2043 is sent back to the present day in the hopes of stopping a global pandemic that will all but wipe out humanity.


Season Two

As Cole, Railly, and their unlikely allies get closer to the truth, they learn there are deadly consequences for all of history ... and time itself.


Season Three

James Cole and Dr. Railly embark on a desperate search across time to find the man responsible for the apocalypse -- a fellow time-traveler who calls himself the Witness.

12 Monkeys (Season 4)

Season Four

Cole and Railly set out on a quest that takes them further back in time than they have ever been before -- their only hope said to lie with with a weapon capable of stopping the Witness for good.


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. 12 Monkeys ran for four seasons on Syfy Channel in the United States.