Babylon 5
1993-1998  (Syndication, TNT)
Babylon 5

Babylon 5


Season One

Commander Sinclair must keep Babylon 5 together in the face of hostile aliens, fuming diplomats and hidden agendas. Meanwhile, a mysterious man lays the groundwork for the coming darkness.


Season Two

Captain John Sheridan assumes command of the station, and learns of an ancient and powerful race that is about to unleash war on the galaxy. Aided by Ambassador Mollari's new allies, the Centauri go to war with the Narn.


Season Three

With the Shadow War raging, the crew and their allies make a drastic decision about Babylon 5's allegiance to Earth. Sheridan sacrifices his career, his relationships and his life to fight the dark enemy, while Ambassador Sinclair finds his future.


Season Four

The end of the Shadow War signals the beginning of Sheridan's campaign against Earth's tyrannical government, and Garibaldi's loyalties are put to the test. Londo hatches a plot against his own emperor, and Delenn faces who she really is.


Season Five

The Interstellar Alliance faces growing pains in its first year, including uncooperative member worlds, a telepath crisis on the station, and the Shadows' dark servants. Captain Elizabeth Lochley works to hold the station together.



From the very beginning of the B5 saga to the universe's lost tales, read all about the Babylon 5 movie series.



In the wake of the Drakh attack on Earth, the advanced prototype destroyer Excalibur is sent to find a cure to the Drakh Plague before it wipes out all life on Earth. The year is 2269.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Babylon 5 aired for four seasons in U.S. syndication before moving to TNT for its fifth and final season, along with a series of TV movies. Subsequent attempts to expand the franchise aired on TNT (Crusade), SCI FI Channel (Legend of the Rangers), and DVD (The Lost Tales, The Road Home).