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The Gathering

Air Date: 02.22.93
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Babylon 5's new Vorlon ambassador is the victim of attempted murder, and the evidence points to Commander Sinclair as the culprit.

In the Beginning

Air Date: 01.04.98
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A bloody first contact between humans and Minbari lead to two years of war that nearly destroyed the human race -- leading to the creation of the Babylon Project.


Air Date: 07.19.98
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An ancient artifact recovered from hyperspace opens a doorway to a new realm, and the station's crew must defend themselves from a powerful alien invasion force.

The River of Souls

Air Date: 10.08.98
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Babylon 5 is overrun with disembodied alien souls when an archeologist steals a Soul Hunter artifact and brings it to the station. Lochley and Zack must deal with the souls -- and the Hunters who have come for them.

A Call To Arms

Air Date: 01.03.99
Our Rating:

In the wake of the Shadow War, Sheridan and the Alliance encounter a new threat: the Drakh, dark servants of the Shadows, who are poised to wipe out all life on Earth.

Legend of the Rangers

Air Date: 01.17.02
Our Rating:

"To Live and Die In Starlight." In the years after the formation of the Interstellar Alliance, a team of Rangers must protect a group of diplomats from an ancient and powerful threat.

The Lost Tales

Air Date: DVD
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"Voices In the Dark." While President Sheridan travels to Babylon 5 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance, he picks up an important passenger. Meanwhile, on the station, Captain Lochley must deal with a supernatural haunting.