Season One Episode Guide

Midnight On the Firing Line

Episode #: 101
Air Date: 01.26.94
Our Rating:

Sinclair must hold the station together when the Narn and Centauri ambassadors clash in the wake of a Narn attack on the Centauri colony of Ragesh 3.

Soul Hunter

Episode #: 102
Air Date: 02.02.94
Our Rating:

A dangerous alien comes on board in search of a soul that is near death, in order to capture and preserve it. Delenn finds herself in terrible danger.

Born To the Purple

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 02.09.94
Our Rating:

Londo finds himself falling in love with a Centauri dancer, who is enslaved to a man after the ambassador's darkest secrets.


Episode #: 104
Air Date: 02.18.94
Our Rating:

An alien artifact attaches itself to an archaeologist's assistant, tranSforming him into a killing machine that threatens everyone on the station.

The Parliament of Dreams

Episode #: 105
Air Date: 02.23.94
Our Rating:

An assassin is sent to torment and kill G'Kar, while the station celebrates different religious customs. Sinclair's former lover Catherine arrives, and the two rekindle an old relationship.

Mind War

Episode #: 106
Air Date: 03.02.94
Our Rating:

A telepath with extraordinary abilities -- Talia's former teacher and friend -- uses Babylon 5 to hide from the Psi Corp. Catherine Sakai surveys a planet against the advice of Ambassador G'Kar.

The War Prayer

Episode #: 107
Air Date: 03.09.94
Our Rating:

A pro-Earth group threatens the station, assaulting a Minbari poet. Two young Centauri lovers arrive seeking Ambassador's Mollari's help. A man from Ivanova's past attempts to rekindle an old flame.

And the Sky Full of Stars

Episode #: 108
Air Date: 03.16.94
Our Rating:

Commander Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated by Earth loyalists, who probe his mind to learn the secrets of the pinnacle battle of the Earth-Minbari War -- secrets Sinclair doesn't know himself.


Episode #: 109
Air Date: 04.20.94
Our Rating:

An infamous war criminal comes aboard the station, claiming to hold the secret to eternal life. Sinclair is forced to protect her in the midst of accusations and demands to bring her to trial from several alien governments.


Episode #: 110
Air Date: 04.27.94
Our Rating:

Dr. Franklin tries to convince the parents of a dying child to allow him to operate, though it goes against their religious beliefs.


Episode #: 111
Air Date: 05.04.94
Our Rating:

Garibaldi goes into hiding while being investigated by an old "friend" for causing an accident on the station, and turns to drinking.

By Any Means Necessary

Episode #: 112
Air Date: 05.11.94
Our Rating:

Tensions rise in the wake of the accidental death of a dock worker, and Sinclair must negotiate an agreement between the dockers guild and Earthdome to prevent an illegal strike.

Signs and Portents

Episode #: 113
Air Date: 05.18.94
Our Rating:

A mysterious stranger seeks an audience with the station's ambassadors, and helps Mollari recover a priceless Centauri artifact. Babylon 5 defends itself and the sector from a well-organized band of raiders.


Episode #: 114
Air Date: 05.25.94
Our Rating:

An old friend of Garibaldi's comes to the station to fight in an alien combat competition. Ivanova's former rabbi tries to help her come to terms with the death of her father.


Episode #: 115
Air Date: 07.06.94
Our Rating:

A man seeking the mythical Holy Grail seeks assistance from the station's ambassadors, and comes to the aid of a young man in a bad situation. A group of thugs threatens the station's citizens.


Episode #: 116
Air Date: 07.13.94
Our Rating:

A brash military officer investigates Sinclair's command decisions, threatening the senior staff with telepathic scans. Ivanova threatens to resign her commission in protest.


Episode #: 117
Air Date: 07.20.94
Our Rating:

Sinclair and Garibaldi investigate the sudden disappearance of the body of a revered Minbari military leader. A young girl on the station begins to exhibit telepathic abilities, and must decide whether or not to join Psi Corp.

A Voice In the Wilderness, Part 1

Episode #: 118
Air Date: 07.27.94
Our Rating:

The planet beneath Babylon 5 suffers from seismic tremors, revealing the presence of an alien at the heart of a vast machine deep underground. Delenn is visited by an old friend.

A Voice In the Wilderness, Part 2

Episode #: 119
Air Date: 08.03.94
Our Rating:

Sinclair struggles to prevent an Earthforce captain from seizing the heavily-defended Epsilon 3 and endangering the station. Delenn, Draal and Londo embark on a dangerous mission to replace the heart of the Great Machine.

Babylon Squared

Episode #: 120
Air Date: 08.10.94
Our Rating:

When Babylon 4 mysteriously reappears, Sinclair and Garibaldi lead a rescue effort to evacuate the station before it is pulled through time. Delenn receives an offer from the Grey Council.

The Quality of Mercy

Episode #: 121
Air Date: 08.17.94
Our Rating:

Talia enters the mind of a serial murderer, while Dr. Franklin investigates a woman who is using an alien device to heal people in Down Below.


Episode #: 122
Air Date: 10.26.94
Our Rating:

Garibaldi investigates the death of a friend, leading him to a terrible secret that may cost him his life. G'Kar leaves the station to find out more about the coming enemy, while Delenn begins a mysterious transformation.