Season Two Episode Guide

Points of Departure

Episode #: 201
Air Date: 11.02.94
Our Rating:

Captain John Sheridan assumes command of Babylon 5 when Sinclair is reassigned, and finds himself defending the station from a rogue Minbari warship.


Episode #: 202
Air Date: 11.09.94
Our Rating:

G'Kar discovers that an ancient enemy has returned, while Garibaldi learns who tried to kill him. Sheridan is forced to face the memory of his dead wife when his sister visits the station. Delenn emerges from her transformation.

The Geometry of Shadows

Episode #: 203
Air Date: 11.16.94
Our Rating:

A group of Techno-Mages passages through the station on their way to a mysterious destination, and Mollari seeks an endorsement from their leader. Ivanova receives a promotion, and mediates a violent conflict between the Drazi.

A Distant Star

Episode #: 204
Air Date: 11.23.94
Our Rating:

An Earthforce ship commanded by Sheridan's old friend is lost in hyperspace, and B5 launches a dangerous rescue operation.

The Long Dark

Episode #: 205
Air Date: 11.30.94
Our Rating:

A sleeper ship from 100 years in the past is brought to the station, carrying a deadly alien force. A lurker must confront the terrible memory of his past.

A Spider In the Web

Episode #: 206
Air Date: 12.07.94
Our Rating:

Talia becomes the target of a programmed killer after the murder of her former mentor, who was negotiating for a peaceful solution to the issue of Mars' independence.

Soul Mates

Episode #: 207
Air Date: 12.14.94
Our Rating:

Mollari's three wives arrive at the station and receive unfortunate news: Londo has been granted permission to divorce two of them. A man from Talia's past returns for her.

A Race Through Dark Places

Episode #: 208
Air Date: 01.25.95
Our Rating:

Bester tracks an underground railroad for rogue telepaths to Babylon 5, testing Talia's loyalty to Psi-Corp in his attempt to capture them.

The Coming of Shadows

Episode #: 209
Air Date: 02.01.95
Our Rating:

The Centauri emperor comes to the station to deliver a message of peace, while Londo and Lord Refa plan an attack on the Narn. Garibaldi receives a message from an old friend.


Episode #: 210
Air Date: 02.08.95
Our Rating:

An Earthforce infantry division stops at B5 for some R&R before proceeding to a dangerous invasion. Dr. Franklin tries to reconcile with his father, the unit's commander.

All Alone In the Night

Episode #: 211
Air Date: 02.15.95
Our Rating:

Sheridan is captured and forced to fight other aliens on board a prison ship. Delenn's fate is decided when she is brought before the Grey Council. General Hague visits the station.

Acts of Sacrifice

Episode #: 212
Air Date: 02.22.95
Our Rating:

G'Kar seeks Sheridan's support in the Narn-Centauri War, while Ivanova goes to great lengths to establish an ambassadorship with an alien race.

Hunter, Prey

Episode #: 213
Air Date: 03.01.95
Our Rating:

A fugitive from Earthgov flees pursuit to Babylon 5 with a deadly secret, and Garibaldi and Franklin must circumvent the station's own security forces to find him and protect him. Sheridan begins a strange dialogue with Kosh.

There All the Honor Lies

Episode #: 214
Air Date: 04.26.95
Our Rating:

Sheridan kills a Minbari in self-defense, launching a full-scale investigation into his conduct by both Earth and the Minbari government.

And Now For A Word

Episode #: 215
Air Date: 05.03.95
Our Rating:

The Narn and Centauri bring their war to Babylon 5 space, forcing Sheridan to give them an ultimatum. An ISN reporter covers the story.

In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum

Episode #: 216
Air Date: 05.10.95
Our Rating:

Sheridan discovers a connection between Mr. Morden and the death of his wife, and risks his career by holding him without charges and interrogating him. A representative of the Ministry of Peace tries to recruit station personnel for the Nightwatch, and Dr. Franklin tries to cope with the massive influx of Narn refugees.


Episode #: 217
Air Date: 05.17.95
Our Rating:

An old friend visits Ambassador Mollari, only to reveal that Londo's new allies are passing a resolution to disgrace him and his family. Sheridan becomes the unwilling host of an alien energy force.

Confessions and Lamentations

Episode #: 218
Air Date: 05.24.95
Our Rating:

Dr. Franklin discovers a plague that is threatening the life of the entire Markab race -- sending the station into a panic. Delenn and Lennier risk their lives to comfort the dying.

Divided Loyalties

Episode #: 219
Air Date: 10.11.95
Our Rating:

Telepath Lyta Alexander returns to the station, claiming that one of the crew has an artificial personality programmed by a secret government organization to spy on them.

The Long, Twilight Struggle

Episode #: 220
Air Date: 10.18.95
Our Rating:

The Centauri attack the Narn homeworld, ushering in a new occupation -- and altering the course of G'Kar's life. Captain Sheridan discovers powerful new friends and allies.

Comes the Inquisitor

Episode #: 221
Air Date: 10.25.95
Our Rating:

The Vorlons bring an Inquisitor to Babylon 5 to test Delenn's ability to lead the army of light in the coming Shadow War. G'Kar looks for support from the other Narns on the station.

The Fall of Night

Episode #: 222
Air Date: 11.01.95
Our Rating:

Sheridan gives sanctuary to a lone Narn battle cruiser, putting his own life in danger. Earth takes sides in the Narn-Centuari War. Lieutenant Keffer finds what he's been looking for.