2001-2011  (The CW, The WB)



Season One

Ten years after crash landing in a small Kansas town, Clark Kent must hide his secret powers from the world -- while keeping the town safe from others with strange abilities.


Season Two

Clark continues to fight evil and injustice, growing more comfortable with his new-found abilities. Lex is forced to strike out on his own, and Clark's relationship with Lana is given new freedom.


Season Three

Clark Kent struggles to make sense of his present and his future, especially when it comes to his relationship with Lana. His own life turned upside down, Lex returns to work for his father once again.


Season Four

Continually pressed by Jor-El's will for him, Clark and his friends -- including newcomer Lois Lane -- seek ancient Kryptonian relics that promise great power. Lana returns from Paris a changed woman.


Season Five

High school is over, but the future has never been more dangerous as Clark encounters Brainiac, a super-powerful alien from Krypton who has come to Earth with a plan.


Season Six

Clark must find the phantoms that escaped from the Phantom Zone, while his true love falls for his enemy. Lex pursues a mysterious research project related to meteor freaks called "Section 33.1."


Season Seven

Clark's Kryptonian cousin arrives in Smallville, leading to new revelations about his biological family and home planet. Lana devotes herself to taking down Lex.


Season Eight

Clark becomes a crimefighter in Metropolis while working at the Daily Planet. The new head of Luthercorp brings her own agenda to town, and an inconspicuous EMT may spell doom for Clark.


Season Nine

A group of Kryptonians led by Major Zod arrive on Earth, and begin a plot to gain the superpowers they have been denied. Clark and Lois begin a new relationship.


Season Ten

Clark faces the future and his inviolable destiny, including a new extra-dimensional danger and the threatened return of his greatest foe. But he does not have to face his future alone.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Smallville aired for ten seasons on The WB and The CW in 2011.