Season Eight Episode Guide


Episode #: 801
Air Date: 09.18.08
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Oliver Queen calls on a few friends to help track down Clark, who has gone missing in the Arctic. Chloe finds herself a government lab rat, and Lex's people launch a search for him.


Episode #: 802
Air Date: 09.25.08
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Clark's first day at the Daily Planet is interrupted by a bus explosion, leading to an introduction to Lex's replacement. Chloe takes in a teenage survivor, unaware of the girl's connection to the accident.


Episode #: 803
Air Date: 10.02.08
Our Rating:

Oliver falls ill after he is poisoned with a rare toxin, bringing up past memories of being stranded on a desert island -- when he first met Tess.


Episode #: 804
Air Date: 10.09.08
Our Rating:

Tess inadvertently uses Kryptonian technology to send a beacon, summoning to Earth an alien queen who leaves a wake of bodies while she hunts for her perfect mate: Clark.


Episode #: 805
Air Date: 10.16.08
Our Rating:

Jimmy and Chloe are abducted by a psychopath who puts their love (and honesty) to the test, while Clark and Lois pose as a couple to attract the kidnapper's attention.


Episode #: 806
Air Date: 10.23.08
Our Rating:

While Clark and Chloe track a serial killer in Metropolis, Chloe's new paramedic friend Davis Bloome suspects that he himself could be responsible.


Episode #: 807
Air Date: 10.30.08
Our Rating:

After capturing a photo of Clark in action saving Lois from a mugger, Jimmy tries to convince him to write a story on the city's newest vigilante hero. Tess sends a "memory thief" to learn if Lois stole the Kryptonian crystal.


Episode #: 808
Air Date: 11.06.08
Our Rating:

An anonymous delivery sends Clark and Lois into the harsh climate of the Phantom Zone, where they find Clark's cousin Kara alive. But a wraith follows Lois back home and takes control of her body.


Episode #: 809
Air Date: 11.13.08
Our Rating:

When Chloe begins to forget everyone in her life, she and Clark realize that Brainiac is rewriting her mind for his own agenda. With only one person to turn to for help, Clark rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude.


Episode #: 810
Air Date: 11.20.08
Our Rating:

Chloe and Jimmy's wedding is interrupted by a vicious creature that takes the bride hostage. Oliver follows a lead he hopes will reveal Lex's whereabouts, but finds Lana Lang instead.


Episode #: 811
Air Date: 01.15.09
Our Rating:

With Chloe taken over by Brainiac, a group of alien superheroes from the thirty-first century arrive to help Clark stop him once and for all -- but at a high price.


Episode #: 812
Air Date: 01.22.09
Our Rating:

After John Jones is shot, Clark goes undercover as a Metropolis vice cop to find a suspect inside the precinct. Lana investigates Tess, leading to a bombshell revelation for Lex's corporate head.


Episode #: 813
Air Date: 01.29.09
Our Rating:

When Lana is abducted by Lex's people, Tess reveals to Clark that his nemesis is still alive. As Clark tries to track her down, Lana's secret past is revealed.


Episode #: 814
Air Date: 02.05.09
Our Rating:

After Oliver is nearly killed in a bombing of LutherCorp, Lana and Clark set out to find Lex and stop a mad toy bomber from wreaking havoc on Metropolis.


Episode #: 815
Air Date: 03.12.09
Our Rating:

When Linda Lake threatens to expose Clark's secret, he decides to beat her to the punch and go public with his identity -- with dire consequences.


Episode #: 816
Air Date: 03.19.09
Our Rating:

Davis attempts to cover his tracks after Jimmy believes he witnesses him committing a murder. Tess takes Clark on a business trip, giving him an opportunity to try and find out how much she knows about him.


Episode #: 817
Air Date: 03.26.09
Our Rating:

A magician's spell grants Chloe her deepest wish, causing her to wake up as Lois. Meanwhile, Zatanna pursues her own desire: a book of spells that can bring her father back from the dead.


Episode #: 818
Air Date: 04.02.09
Our Rating:

Tess tries to kill Davis after discovering the truth about him, and reveals the secrets of his childhood. Davis turns to Chloe for help stopping the beast inside him.


Episode #: 819
Air Date: 04.23.09
Our Rating:

Desperate for a headline, Lois invents a superhero personae for herself -- but ends up putting Jimmy and Clark in the crosshairs of an ambitious mob boss.


Episode #: 820
Air Date: 04.30.09
Our Rating:

Intent on saving Clark from Doomsday, Chloe considers running away with Davis when it becomes clear she cannot keep him hidden forever. Jimmy turns to Oliver for help, but the two of them wind up in Davis's clutches.


Episode #: 821
Air Date: 05.07.09
Our Rating:

Tess assembles a team of meteor freaks to hunt Doomsday, but risks becoming a target herself. Chloe returns to Clark after escaping from Davis's control.


Episode #: 822
Air Date: 05.14.09
Our Rating:

Clark plans to separate the beast from Davis, but must get past Oliver and his friends -- who are convinced that he must be killed. A piece of alien technology goes missing from Tess's private collection.