Season Nine Episode Guide


Episode #: 901
Air Date: 09.25.09
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Now undergoing Jor-El's training, Clark decides he must sever all ties to his human life. Lois returns from the future with an assassin on her trail and no memory of the experience, and Tess finds herself a prisoner of a ragtag military unit from Krypton.


Episode #: 902
Air Date: 10.02.09
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The victim of an experimental surgery, reporter John Corben wakes up to find himself transformed into a cyborg with a kryptonite heart -- and the strength to exact personal vengeance on the Red-Blue Blur.


Episode #: 903
Air Date: 10.09.09
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All of Metropolis is infected by a terrifying virus that causes hyper-aggression in its victims.


Episode #: 904
Air Date: 10.16.09
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After Clark uses his strength to contain a bomb explosion he develops the ability to read minds -- particularly Lois's. Tess drags Oliver to a company event, where he is targeted by a vengeful Toyman.


Episode #: 905
Air Date: 10.23.09
Our Rating:

A mysterious woman takes advantage of Oliver's depression, kidnapping him and putting him into a game of revenge with his life apparently on the line.


Episode #: 906
Air Date: 10.30.09
Our Rating:

Oliver offers to help a girl with good fighting skills get off the streets, but her pimp has other ideas. Clark is recruited as Lois's co-host on a morning talk show.


Episode #: 907
Air Date: 11.06.09
Our Rating:

As Zod and Tess hunt for the Kryptonian who Zod believes has betrayed the Kandorians, Jor-El appears on Earth with the secrets of their arrival.


Episode #: 908
Air Date: 11.13.09
Our Rating:

When a pair of well-meaning twins with super powers tarnish the Blur's name with a botched police sting, Clark considers going public with his identity. Lois comes to the Blur's defense and becomes the target of a corrupt D.A.


Episode #: 909
Air Date: 11.20.09
Our Rating:

Tess kidnaps Lois in the hopes of learning what she is seeing in her visions, discovering a terrible future for Earth under Kandorian rule.


Episode #: 910
Air Date: 01.29.10
Our Rating:

A man dressed as Green Arrow targets Oliver's friends, suggesting that someone from his past is following him. Zod appeals to Clark for help in getting powers for the Kandorians.

Absolute Justice, Part 1

Episode #: 911
Air Date: 02.05.10
Our Rating:

Chloe leads an investigation when members of a disbanded society of heroes from the past are targeted by a serial killer. But Hawkman proves difficult to convince.

Absolute Justice, Part 2

Episode #: 912
Air Date: 02.05.10
Our Rating:

Clark, Olli, and John Jones join the survivors of the Justice Society in tracking down the Icicle, while a mysterious player with her own agenda gives Lois the exclusive on the heroes of the past.


Episode #: 913
Air Date: 02.12.10
Our Rating:

Chloe seeks to recruit a handsome new superhero who saves her at a comic convention -- not knowing that the new Warrior Angel is a young boy affected by a cursed comic book.


Episode #: 914
Air Date: 02.19.10
Our Rating:

Clark gains the ability to make people do whatever he wants, inadvertently turning Lois into a traditional housewife. Zod and Tess posture at one another as the Kandorians plan to activate their solar tower, and Clark seeks the identity of his father's killer.


Episode #: 915
Air Date: 02.26.10
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A Kandorian girl is abducted by an insane doctor intent on exposing the presence of aliens on Earth, throwing doubt on Clark's ability to protect them. Tess comes to Oliver with evidence that someone in the company is embezzling funds.


Episode #: 916
Air Date: 04.02.10
Our Rating:

Lois and Clark get away to a country bed and breakfast, only to find Ollie and Chloe there, as well -- and the spirit of a murderous femme fatale that jumps from woman to woman to kill men. Meanwhile, Tess confronts Zod about his change.


Episode #: 917
Air Date: 04.09.10
Our Rating:

Tess captures Green Arrow to deliver him to Checkmate, unaware of Waller's greater agenda. As Clark investigates his disappearance, he learns that John Jones is conducting his own investigation -- and hiding something from him.


Episode #: 918
Air Date: 04.16.10
Our Rating:

John Corben reappears after saving Lois's life, revealing that Tess's scientists have given him an "upgrade" in an attempt to control him. Clark is tempted to join with Zod after he is infected with red kryptonite.


Episode #: 919
Air Date: 04.23.10
Our Rating:

Lois and Clark crash a party in honor of the district attorney who tried to kill her, and fall into a plan to discover the Blur's identity. Meanwhile, the Daily Planet's new editor threatens to fire whichever one of them doesn't bring in a big story.


Episode #: 920
Air Date: 04.30.10
Our Rating:

Chloe and Tess are trapped inside Watchtower after an incursion by Checkmate triggers security protocols. Clark learns that one of the Kandorians is pregnant, putting her even more at odds with Zod.


Episode #: 921
Air Date: 05.07.10
Our Rating:

While Clark hunts for the Kryptonian Book of Rao, Martha Kent returns home with her new boyfriend, reporter Perry White. Tess is interrogated by other forces looking for the Book, and Lois and Perry decide to join forces when they learn they are hunting the same thing -- and a mysterious player called the Red Queen.


Episode #: 922
Air Date: 05.14.10
Our Rating:

Zod turns Lois against Clark after convincing her he is the Blur, while Clark must decide whether to transport all Kryptonians away from Earth to a new home -- including himself.