Season Seven Episode Guide


Episode #: 701
Air Date: 09.27.07
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Clark must go toe-to-toe with the final surviving phantom, who has taken on Clark's own appearance and powers ... but not his weakness. Chloe's mysterious death grows more mysterious when she comes back to life, and Lex's life is saved by an angelic woman.


Episode #: 702
Air Date: 10.04.07
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Clark and Lois encounter a Kryptonian girl who has been in stasis in her crashed ship for more than a decade, and who was sent to watch over Clark.


Episode #: 703
Air Date: 10.11.07
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Kara signs up for a beauty pageant in the hopes of fitting in on Earth, and finds herself competing against a trio of meteor-infected beauties who can control the weather.


Episode #: 704
Air Date: 10.18.07
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A doctor claims to have developed a treatment for meteor-infected people, leading Chloe to seek his services -- not knowing that he is also harvesting their organs. Kara seeks Jimmy's help to find her lost crystal, and butts heads with one of Clark's allies. Chloe and Jimmy reach another crossroads in their relationship.


Episode #: 705
Air Date: 10.25.07
Our Rating:

A movie based on the "Warrior Angel" comics films in Smallville, and Clark becomes the starlet's own personal superhero when he saves her from a fan bent on killing her. Lois struggles to impress her new editor, and Lionel attempts to escape from his deranged captor.


Episode #: 706
Air Date: 11.01.07
Our Rating:

While searching for her crystal Kara is captured by a rogue government agent, who probes her mind to learn about who she is -- uncovering the truth about her family history.


Episode #: 707
Air Date: 11.08.07
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A lightning strike gives Lana Clark's powers and unleashing her aggressive side, leading her to break into Lex Luthor's safe and steal incriminating evidence.


Episode #: 708
Air Date: 11.15.07
Our Rating:

Clark is reunited with his birth mother, Lara, after Kara's crystal reconstitutes her. But Kara's evil father Zor'el has also returned, crippling Clark and seizing control of the Fortress of Solitude.


Episode #: 709
Air Date: 12.13.07
Our Rating:

A dying clone who has escaped from Luthercorp forces Lois to write a story exposing Lex's secret cloning project. Clark joins Lana in her plan to bring down Lex.


Episode #: 710
Air Date: 01.31.08
Our Rating:

While Clark is imprisoned in the Fortress, Bizarro assumes his life with Lana and forges an alliance with Brainiac. Grant reveals his identity to Lionel Luther.


Episode #: 711
Air Date: 02.07.08
Our Rating:

While doing secret work for Oliver Queen, Chloe is stopped by a leather-clad vigilante with subsonic vocal powers -- who is working for Lex. While Lois and Oliver rekindle their relationship, Clark and Lana reevaluate theirs.


Episode #: 712
Air Date: 02.14.08
Our Rating:

Lex is shot in the head and sent into a coma after tracking down an amnesiac Kara. To find his cousin, Clark uses experimental technology to enter the mind of his nemesis.


Episode #: 713
Air Date: 03.13.08
Our Rating:

Clark's old friend Pete Ross returns to Smallville after meteor-laced gum gives him elastic superpowers. Still stricken with amnesia, Kara turns to Lex Luthor to learn the truth about her identity.


Episode #: 714
Air Date: 03.20.08
Our Rating:

Chloe and Lana go to great lengths to restore Kara's memories, knowing she is the only one who can rescue Clark after he is abducted and imprisoned in a kryptonite torture chamber. Dr. Swann's daughter arrives in Smallville, revealing the Luthors' participation in a secret kabal.


Episode #: 715
Air Date: 03.27.08
Our Rating:

Lex moves in on the secrets of Veritas, the secret society that has been looking for the alien traveler for decades. Now fully powered, Brainiac pays a visit to Kara.


Episode #: 716
Air Date: 04.17.08
Our Rating:

As Lex moves to seize the secret of Veritas, Metropolis is rocked by a prominent death. Meanwhile, Lex is tormented by his own psyche, manifested in the form of his childhood self.


Episode #: 717
Air Date: 04.24.08
Our Rating:

While Chloe uses her hacker skills to try and find a lead on Kara and Brainiac, a Federal agent forces Jimmy to spy on her.


Episode #: 718
Air Date: 05.01.08
Our Rating:

When Clark refuses to follow Brainiac into Krypton's past to prevent his own demise, he experiences an Earth where he never existed.


Episode #: 719
Air Date: 05.08.08
Our Rating:

An attacker carves a Kryptonian symbol on Lex's chest, leading Clark to a church -- where the only surviving member of the Veritas group turns on him for forsaking his destiny.


Episode #: 720
Air Date: 05.15.08
Our Rating:

Kara brings down a private jet while searching for the device that can control Clark, leading him to wonder whose side his cousin is really on. Clark meets Brainiac in a final showdown, and Lex attempts to locate the Fortress of Solitude.