Season Six Episode Guide


Episode #: 601
Air Date: 09.28.06
Our Rating:

Clark must escape the Phantom Zone and return to Earth, where the powerful Kryptonian criminal, Zod, has possessed the body of Lex Luthor and plans to reshape Earth into a new Krypton.


Episode #: 602
Air Date: 10.05.06
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Clark comes down with a cold, only to discover a new superpower. Lana moves in with Lex, who is being stalked by someone who knows about the abilities he used to have.


Episode #: 603
Air Date: 10.12.06
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After a pair of teenagers are attacked in the forest, Clark and Chloe hunt for a creature that uses male bodies to reproduce. A faux pas prompts Lois to attend a charity ball with Smallville's newest young billionaire, Oliver Queen.


Episode #: 604
Air Date: 10.19.06
Our Rating:

When Lois witnesses an enigmatic thief steal a diamond necklace from Lionel Luther, her newfound penchant for journalism leads her to investigate the "Green Arrow." Lana's loyalty to Lex is put to the test.


Episode #: 605
Air Date: 10.26.06
Our Rating:

Lex and Oliver are haunted by the memory of an old schoolmate after a fatal accident at their prep school reunion.


Episode #: 606
Air Date: 11.02.06
Our Rating:

Raya arrives in Smallville after escaping the Phantom Zone, and joins Clark in tracking down Baern, an escaped Zoner bent on killing Clark as revenge against his Kryptonian father.


Episode #: 607
Air Date: 11.09.06
Our Rating:

An experimental drug gives Oliver Queen extraordinary healing abilities, but also leaves him with uncontrollable rage -- putting those close to him in danger.


Episode #: 608
Air Date: 11.16.06
Our Rating:

A man with a grudge against Lex pulls him into another realm, where no one around him can see or hear him. Clark chases another being from the Phantom Zone, who feeds on human bones.


Episode #: 609
Air Date: 12.07.06
Our Rating:

Clark helps a young illegal immigrant who has escaped from slavery at the nearby McNally farm, leading him to discover the true secret behind the farm's recent success.


Episode #: 610
Air Date: 01.11.07
Our Rating:

The Daily Planet's gossip columnist makes life miserable for Lana, Lex, Chloe, and Clark, using her ability to turn into water to eavesdrop -- and threatens to reveal Clark's big secret to the world. Clark helps throw Lana off the trail when she suspects that Oliver is the Green Arrow.


Episode #: 611
Air Date: 01.18.07
Our Rating:

When Bart, the fastest teen alive, returns to Smallville, Clark joins forces with an elite team of heroes assembled by the Green Arrow to rescue Bart from LutherCorp and take down a secret laboratory.


Episode #: 612
Air Date: 01.25.07
Our Rating:

Clark finds himself a patient in an insane asylum, without any of his super powers.


Episode #: 613
Air Date: 02.01.07
Our Rating:

On Valentine's Day a dose of red kryptonite lipstick makes Lois fall for Clark, and unleashes his inhibitions during Lex and Lana's pre-wedding dinner.


Episode #: 614
Air Date: 02.08.07
Our Rating:

Lana is caught between an unidentified stalker and the paparazzi, and decides to hide out at the Kent farm. Chloe must take a long look at her relationship with Clark after Jimmy breaks up with her.


Episode #: 615
Air Date: 02.15.07
Our Rating:

Clark and Chloe discover that someone is using one of their high school classmates, blinded by the meteor shower, to identify and kidnap "meteor freaks." But no one is prepared to find out who he has identified now.


Episode #: 616
Air Date: 03.15.07
Our Rating:

When the day of Lex and Lana's wedding arrives, Clark must decide whether or not to intervene. Dr. Langston attempts to blackmail Lex, saying that he will tell Lana the truth about her baby. Lana goes to great lengths to discover a truth of her own.


Episode #: 617
Air Date: 03.22.07
Our Rating:

When Clark discovers that a powerful alien warrior from the Phantom Zone is killing people in a secret fight club broadcast on the Internet, he gets himself enlisted as the next combatant -- only to find that his first fight is against Lois Lane.


Episode #: 618
Air Date: 04.19.07
Our Rating:

After blacking out Chloe discovers that she is being controlled by her own mother, who has power over people affected by meteor rocks -- and who is being held by Lex for his own sinister ends. Lana makes a shocking discovery about her pregnancy.


Episode #: 619
Air Date: 04.26.07
Our Rating:

After Lex is captured in an underground system of tunnels by the wife of one of his test subjects, he and Clark must escape together before a series of explosives detonate inside the collapsing tunnels. Lana demands answers from Lionel.


Episode #: 620
Air Date: 05.03.07
Our Rating:

While investigating the shooting of Lana Luther, Jimmy Olsen is knocked unconscious and imagines a 1940s world where he is a reporter hired by a femme fatale Lana to investigate her treacherous husband.


Episode #: 621
Air Date: 05.10.07
Our Rating:

When his business partner in the U.S. Senate threatens to expose Lex's secret project to create a super soldier with meteor freak DNA, he sends his prototype to eliminate him -- and the witness to the murder, Lois Lane.


Episode #: 622
Air Date: 05.17.07
Our Rating:

When he discovers Lionel's manipulation of Lana, Clark goes after his pseudo-father figure -- only to be stopped by the Martian Manhunter. Lana makes a fateful decision to leave Lex, and Lois gets more than she bargained for while investigating Lex's secret project. Clark faces the last wraith from the Phantom Zone, but learns it is unlike anything he has ever faced.