Season Four Episode Guide


Episode #: 401
Air Date: 09.22.04
Our Rating:

Clark returns as Kal-El, on a mission to fulfill the destiny his father has planned for him. Lana has a supernatural experience in Paris, and Lois Lane arrives in Smallville to investigate the death of her cousin.


Episode #: 402
Air Date: 09.29.04
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Lois and Clark go in search of Chloe's true fate, but must deal with the involvement of Lois' powerful father. Lana returns from Paris on a mission of her own.


Episode #: 403
Air Date: 10.06.04
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The school's ugly duckling undergoes a kryptonite procedure that makes her beautiful -- but a kiss drives her victims insane. Jason Teague begins a new job as assistant coach of the football team, for which Clark tries out.


Episode #: 404
Air Date: 10.13.04
Our Rating:

When the cheerleaders spike the football team's sports drink with a kryptonite love potion, Clark becomes an object of affection -- and a target for the new coach.


Episode #: 405
Air Date: 10.20.04
Our Rating:

Clark meets a young man who has super speed abilities that surpass even his own, and tries to convince him that he should use his power for good rather than for petty theft. Lex acquires an artifact that reveals an ancient Kryptonian map.


Episode #: 406
Air Date: 10.27.04
Our Rating:

An ancient object allows Lionel Luther to trade bodies with Clark, revealing the secrets of the small town farmboy and throwing his personal relationships into chaos.


Episode #: 407
Air Date: 11.03.04
Our Rating:

A foreign exchange student with the power to make people do whatever he wants tries to influence Clark to throw the end of the football season, in order to win big.


Episode #: 408
Air Date: 11.10.04
Our Rating:

Lana is possessed by a seventeenth century witch, who brings back her old friends in the bodies of Chloe and Lois before launching a search for the mythical stones of power.


Episode #: 409
Air Date: 11.17.04
Our Rating:

When Lex's one-night stand turns up murdered the next morning, Clark investigates the case against his friend -- though he can't be sure who to believe. Jason Teague's mother comes to Smallville to meet Lana.


Episode #: 410
Air Date: 12.01.04
Our Rating:

An explosion at LutherCorp unleashes a contagion that causes the town's residents to hallucinate their worst fears. Jason and Lana reach a crossroads in their relationship.


Episode #: 411
Air Date: 01.26.05
Our Rating:

Clark strikes up a relationship with Alicia Baker when she is released from Belle Reve and claims to be cured -- but things get out of hand when she manipulates him with red kryptonite. Lana learns why Jason ended their relationship.


Episode #: 412
Air Date: 02.02.05
Our Rating:

Alicia becomes the only suspect when Lana and Jason are attacked by an assailant who can seemingly pass through walls, leaving even Clark to doubt her innocence. Jason's mother attempts to form an allegiance with Lex Luther.


Episode #: 413
Air Date: 02.09.05
Our Rating:

Clark is given the royal treatment at Metropolis University as a rising football star, but must come to Lois's aid when she is accused of murder.


Episode #: 414
Air Date: 02.16.05
Our Rating:

The Kents adopt a heroic dog who exhibits super abilities after being subject to meteorite experiments by LutherCorp, and who is being used to commit crimes.


Episode #: 415
Air Date: 02.23.05
Our Rating:

Clark and Lana follow Lex and Jason to China, where they are searching for one of the mysterious Kryptonian crystals. But Clark must also contend with Isobel when the witch retakes Lana's body.


Episode #: 416
Air Date: 03.02.05
Our Rating:

Lois's younger sister comes to Smallville, not revealing to her sister that she is being pursued by a vicious loan shark. The stone recovered from China is stolen from Lana's apartment.


Episode #: 417
Air Date: 04.13.05
Our Rating:

Lex is separated into his good and evil halves, and the evil Lex locks his other self in the basement before systematically destroying his relationships.


Episode #: 418
Air Date: 04.20.05
Our Rating:

The spirit of a prom queen hopeful is separated from her body, and she discovers that she can jump from person to person with a touch.


Episode #: 419
Air Date: 04.27.05
Our Rating:

A thief with the power to erase memories leaves Clark with amnesia, and Chloe finds herself in the position of helping him rediscover his abilities.


Episode #: 420
Air Date: 05.04.05
Our Rating:

Clark and Lana discover an abandoned baby who ages at an extremely rapid rate. The Luthors and Teagues continue to jockey for control of the ancient stones.


Episode #: 421
Air Date: 05.11.05
Our Rating:

A school photographer creates a simulated high school to trap Smallville's graduating class, wanting their experience to last forever. The Teagues kidnap and interrogate Lionel and Lex.


Episode #: 422
Air Date: 05.18.05
Our Rating:

As Smallville braces for a second devastating meteor shower, Jor-El tells Clark that he must unite the three stones to stop a disaster of epic proportions. Lana flees Smallville, while Jason Teague returns to the Kent home with a vengeance.