The Flash
2014-2023  (The CW)
The Flash

The Flash


Season One

When he acquires the power of super-speed, police forensic scientist Barry Allen has a new way to protect Central City from its super-powered criminals -- and to search for the person who killed his mother.


Season Two

After saving Central City from a massive black hole, Barry discovers that new threats are pouring in from a parallel world -- sent by a super-villain who consumes the speed force. But a fellow speedster also arrives to help the Flash try and stop Zoom.


Season Three

Barry's decision to alter the past has long-term consequences, opening the door to a new enemy who calls himself the "God of Speed" -- while those close to him struggle with their own emerging powers.

The Flash (Season 4)

Season Four

Barry returns from the Speed Force a changed man, and must rediscover his old life and his family in order to take on a super-intelligent new foe: Clifford DeVoe, whose plans are always two steps ahead of Team Flash.

The Flash (Season 5)

Season Five

As Barry and Iris cope with the arrival of their own daughter from the future, a killer attempts to eradicate all metahumans from Central City.

The Flash (607) - The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1

Season Six

A brilliant physician goes down a dark path in his desire to defy the laws of nature, turning him against Team Flash and threatening Central City with a monstrous new villain: Bloodwork.

The Flash (715) - Enemy At the Gates

Season Seven

Barry and Team Flash are caught up in a conflict between the Speed Force and other forces of nature. As old friends say goodbye, the city is besieged by an army of speedsters from the future.

The Flash (801) - Armageddon, Part 1

Season Eight

The Flash must call upon his allies when a powerful alien threat arrives on Earth under mysterious circumstances, pushing the team to its limits in a desperate battle to save the world.


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. The Flash aired for nine seasons on The CW in the United States.