Season Three Episode Guide


Episode #: 301
Air Date: 10.04.16
Our Rating:

After altering his own past Barry enjoys the life he always wanted, with his parents alive and well and another Flash on the job. But when a speedster calling himself the Rival terrorizes Central City, Barry is pressed back into service -- and soon finds that the life he had before is slipping away forever.


Episode #: 302
Air Date: 10.11.16
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After restoring the timeline Barry discovers that the effects of Flashpoint continue to ripple into his reality in unexpected ways, leaving his team fractured. As Barry tries to bring his loved ones back together, a mysterious villain called Alchemy appears to restore the powers that Edward Clariss had in the alternate reality.


Episode #: 303
Air Date: 10.18.16
Our Rating:

A girl struggling with split personalities lashes out at her foster father, pitting the Flash against a new meta who can control metal. Jesse and Dr. Wells return from Earth-2 after Jesse's speedster powers emerge, and Wally struggles with his own lack of powers.

The New Rogues

Episode #: 304
Air Date: 10.25.16
Our Rating:

Alongside his new protégé in training the Flash takes on Mirror Master, a meta who can manipulate reflective surfaces and who, with his old partner top, is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Harry helps Caitlin and Cisco to try and recruit a version of him from another Earth.


Episode #: 305
Air Date: 11.01.16
Our Rating:

Caitlin pays a visit to her estranged mother, who is a renowned biomedical researcher, hoping for some help learning about her disturbing transformation. Back in Central City Cisco grows suspicious of the new Harrison Wells. As the city is threatened by a gigantic creature, Barry tries to smooth things over with Julian.


Episode #: 306
Air Date: 11.15.16
Our Rating:

Wally's dreams about being Kid Flash grow more intense, prompting Barry to reveal the truth about Flashpoint to try and stop him from giving in to Alchemy. As a shadow creature threatens the city Cisco urges Caitlin to confide in her friends, and the Flash comes face-to-face with his greatest opponent yet.

Killer Frost

Episode #: 307
Air Date: 11.22.16
Our Rating:

After using her powers to try and help her friends Caitlin unleashes her inner Killer Frost to find Alchemy. Team Flash finds itself crippled after Barry's first encounter with Savitar, a new speedster with incredible power -- and Joe is frustrated with Wally is locked inside a cocoon.


Episode #: 308
Air Date: 11.29.16
Our Rating:

When the planet is threatened by the invasion of a hostile alien species Barry rallies his friends for a superhero team up, including Team Arrow, the Legends, and Supergirl. But as things go from bad to worse, the team is fractured by revelations about Barry's past actions.

The Present

Episode #: 309
Air Date: 12.06.16
Our Rating:

Barry travels to Earth-3 to ask Jay Garrick for help against the looming threat of Savitar, while the team's investigation of the Philosopher's Stone points toward Julian. Julian struggles with his inner demons, and Wally reveals that he has been training with H.R.

Borrowing Problems from the Future

Episode #: 310
Air Date: 01.24.17
Our Rating:

Barry hopes to find a way to alter the horrific future he has witnessed, putting him in a compromised position when the criminal Plunder -- captured and on trial in the future -- shows up in Central City. While H.R. plans to open the new Star Labs Museum, Caitlin invites Julian to join the team -- and Kid Flash steps up his game.

Dead or Alive

Episode #: 311
Air Date: 01.31.17
Our Rating:

When a bounty hunter with vibe powers from Earth-19 shows up to bring H.R. home to stand trial, Cisco puts himself in harm's way by challenging her to trial by combat. Meanwhile Barry tries to stop Iris from following a dangerous story, prompting her to turn to Wally for help.


Episode #: 312
Air Date: 02.07.17
Our Rating:

Barry and the team work overtime on Wally's speedster training to try and help him get fast enough to save Iris in the future, but he suffers a loss of confidence after she has a lethal encounter with Clive Yorkin -- a meta-human whose touch causes things to rapidly decompose.

Attack on Gorilla City

Episode #: 313
Air Date: 02.21.17
Our Rating:

The super-intelligent gorilla Grodd captures Harry in order to lure Barry to Earth-2, where he is forced to fight the leader of Gorilla City in the arena. Back on Earth-1 Jesse and Wally work out their personal issues while protecting the city.

Attack on Central City

Episode #: 314
Air Date: 02.28.17
Our Rating:

Grodd leads the army of Gorilla City in seeking vengeance on Central City and Earth-1, and the team scrambles to figure out how to locate and stop him. Jesse clashes with her father after telling him that she plans to stay on Earth-1.

The Wrath of Savitar

Episode #: 315
Air Date: 03.07.17
Our Rating:

When the team learns that Wally has been conceal disturbing visions of Savitar from them, they try to determine the enemy's plan for escaping his prison. While Julian consents to be used as a conduit to talk to Savitar, Wally discovers a secret that Barry is keeping from Iris.

Into the Speed Force

Episode #: 316
Air Date: 03.14.17
Our Rating:

Barry risks his life to re-enter the Speed Force in the hopes of rescuing Wally from his prison, but must get past a host of faces from his past -- and make a great sacrifice. On Earth, Jesse defies H.R. in her determination to track down Savitar on her own.


Episode #: 317
Air Date: 03.21.17
Our Rating:

After Supergirl's friends bring her to Earth-1 in a coma, Barry soon finds himself whammied by the same villain -- who puts the two heroes into a musical fantasy where the only way to escape is to sing and dance their way to the end of the script.

Abra Kadabra

Episode #: 318
Air Date: 03.28.17
Our Rating:

When Gypsy arrives Barry learns that the villain who is stealing advanced technology from all over the city -- who calls himself Abra Kadabra -- is from the sixty-fourth century. And after their mutual enemy is apprehended, things are complicated when Abra Kadabra offers to trade Savitar's identity for his freedom. Meanwhile, Julian has Caitlyn's life in his hands after an explosion.

The Once and Future Flash

Episode #: 319
Air Date: 04.25.17
Our Rating:

Hoping to discover Savitar's identity Barry travels to the year 2024, where he finds that Team Flash has disbanded and the future Barry has fallen into a deep depression. As he tries to rally his friends against villains Top and Mirror Master, Barry learns that the one person who knows his enemy's identity is Killer Frost.

I Know Who You Are

Episode #: 320
Air Date: 05.02.17
Our Rating:

The team seeks to recruit speed force scientist Tracy Brand to their cause, knowing that in the future she will find a way to trap Savitar. While Joe weighs his future with Cecile, Barry unmasks the truth of his enemy's identity.

Cause and Effect

Episode #: 321
Air Date: 05.09.17
Our Rating:

Following the stunning revelation of Savitar's identity the team attempts to thwart their enemy by a procedure that prevents Barry from forming new memories -- inadvertently leaving him with no memory of who he is. Tracy and H.R., meanwhile, make progress on a way to trap Savitar once and for all.

Infantino Street

Episode #: 322
Air Date: 05.16.17
Our Rating:

As the clock counts down the final hours before Savitar kills Iris, Barry turns to Captain Cold for help stealing an alien power source from an ARGUS facility -- one last-ditch effort to stop the enemy.

Finish Line

Episode #: 323
Air Date: 05.23.17
Our Rating:

Following a shocking loss Barry decides to do the one thing Savitar would never expect: help him recover his humanity. But when things go awry, Team Flash must rely on each other to survive a final showdown with the evil speedster.