Season Seven Episode Guide

The Flash (701) - All's Well That Ends Wells

All's Wells That Ends Wells

Episode #: 701
Air Date: 03.02.2021
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With Ava left largely free to pursue her agenda, Nash puts himself and his remnant Wells minds on the line to try and restore Barry's speed. Meanwhile Iris faces a mirror universe where she cannot escape from herself.
The Flash (702) - The Speed of Thought

The Speed of Thought

Episode #: 702
Air Date: 03.09.2021
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Barry discovers that the artificial speed force has given him super-fast thinking, leading the team to a potential way to rescue Iris and Camilla – but first they much catch up with Eva McCulloch.
The Flash (703) - Mother


Episode #: 703
Air Date: 03.16.2021
Our Rating:

Team Flash desperately searches for a way to save Iris and restore Barry's speed, as Eva unleashes a full-scale Mirror invasion of our realm. A familiar face makes a startling return.
The Flash (704) - Central City Strong

Central City Strong

Episode #: 704
Air Date: 03.23.2021
Our Rating:

The villain Abra Kadabra returns from the far future with a vengeance, looking to settle a score with the Flash. Iris tries to settle back into work, but finds it difficult to move past her recent trauma.
The Flash (705) - Fear Me

Fear Me

Episode #: 705
Air Date: 03.30.2021
Our Rating:

As the team struggles to understand a shocking new manifestation of the speed force, a powerful telepath attacks the city and amplifies everyone's fears. Caitlin and Frost disagree over how to move forward in their new reality.
The Flash (706) - The One With The Nineties

The One With The Nineties

Episode #: 706
Air Date: 04.06.2021
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An encounter with a new force of nature traps Cisco and Chester in a small-town bubble in the year 1998, where Chester must face his father in the hopes of getting them home. Meanwhile, Iris makes a personal connection with the speed force.
The Flash (707) - Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Episode #: 707
Air Date: 04.13.2021
Our Rating:

Frost goes in search of a new ice-powered metahuman after a frozen crime scene points the new state investigator in her direction. Barry tries to come to terms with the speed force and her new presence in their lives.
The Flash (708) - The People V. Killer Frost

The People V. Killer Frost

Episode #: 708
Air Date: 05.04.2021
Our Rating:

After Frost submits herself to the justice system the team argues about how to save her from an unjust punishment for her past crimes – including the prosecutor's desire to take away her powers. Meanwhile, Barry and Nora's search for Fuerza leads to a surprising place.
The Flash (709) - Timeless


Episode #: 709
Air Date: 05.11.2021
Our Rating:

After a personal betrayal Barry resolves to try and go back in time to prevent the forces of nature from being created, but finds himself at odds with those closest to him.
The Flash (710) - Family Matters, Part 1

Family Matters, Part 1

Episode #: 710
Air Date: 05.18.2021
Our Rating:

Barry and Iris investigate when Psych attacks someone from his past. While the team tries to train Alexa to control her abilities, Kamila and Cisco consider making a major move.
The Flash (711) - Family Matters, Part 2

Family Matters, Part 2

Episode #: 711
Air Date: 05.25.2021
Our Rating:

Barry and Iris try to hide Alexa and Bashir from the speed force in the one place that she cannot go – and convince Dion to join them. Nora summons a dangerous storm to threaten Central City.
The Flash (712) - Good-Bye Vibrations

Good-Bye Vibrations

Episode #: 712
Air Date: 06.08.2021
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Cisco struggles with his friends' apparently happy response to the news that he and Kamila are leaving Central City. Meanwhile a meta appears who is conducting a series of robberies by making her victims feel happy and uninhibited.
The Flash (713) - Masquerade


Episode #: 713
Air Date: 06.15.2021
Our Rating:

Cecile's life is taken over by an ancient force, who traps the real Cecile in a mental prison. As Joe investigates Kramer's military past, Chester experiences growing pains when trying to take over for Cisco.
The Flash (714) - Rayo de Luz

Rayo de Luz

Episode #: 714
Air Date: 06.22.2021
Our Rating:

Sue Dearbon returns amidst Allegra's efforts to find her cousin – the deadly assassin Ultraviolet, who is hunting the scientist who made her the way she is. Meanwhile, Joe gets a cold reception when he questions Kramer about her past.
The Flash (715) - Enemy At the Gates

Enemy At the Gates

Episode #: 715
Air Date: 06.29.2021
Our Rating:

Barry's enthusiasm about having a child with Iris is tampered by the arrival of an army of Godspeeds in Central City. Caitlin and Allegra try to help Ultraviolet recover herself, and Frost tries to prove that Chillblaine isn't as reformed as he claims.
The Flash (716) - P.O.W.


Episode #: 716
Air Date: 07.06.2021
Our Rating:

With Central City under siege by a war between the Godspeed clones, John Diggle arrives with a little help from Argus – and a plan to trap the enemy. Allegra tries to talk her cousin out of a vendetta, and Joe and Kramer find themselves hunted by their target.
The Flash (717) - Heart of the Matter, Part 1

Heart of the Matter, Part 1

Episode #: 717
Air Date: 07.13.2021
Our Rating:

Nora and Bart Allen, Barry and Iris' children from the future, follow Godspeed from 2049 to the present day. But as the speedsters team up to end the enemy civil war, Bart's personal connection to August Heart threatens to tear them apart.
The Flash (718) - Heart of the Matter, Part 2

Heart of the Matter, Part 2

Episode #: 718
Air Date: 07.20.2021
Our Rating:

After a trip inside August Heart's mind reveals Godspeed's true agenda, Team Flash gets a super boost from the speed force in order to defend Central City. Joe and Kramer make a stunning discovery on their way home.