Season Ten Episode Guide


Episode #: 1001
Air Date: 09.24.10
Our Rating:

Clark returns from the edge of death believing that Lex Luthor is returning as his greatest foe. Tess wakes up in a LutherCorp cloning facility and inadvertently sets a violent clone of Lex loose on the world. While Oliver is brutally interrogated, Chloe puts her sanity at risk to find him.


Episode #: 1002
Air Date: 10.01.10
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Clark is forced to partner with an annoying up-and-coming reporter who appears to be the target of an assassin known only as Deadshot. Lois arrives in Africa on assignment, only to find Carter Hall -- who knows something about Clark.


Episode #: 1003
Air Date: 10.08.10
Our Rating:

Kara shows up in Metropolis showing off her powers to the public, searching for a dark force that preys on doubt. Meanwhile, Lois tangles with a radio personality who has threatened to expose Green Arrow's identity.


Episode #: 1004
Air Date: 10.15.10
Our Rating:

Clark and Lois return to Smallville High for homecoming, prompting Clark to relive old memories of his youth. But Brainiac is waiting for Clark with plans to show him even more of his past.


Episode #: 1005
Air Date: 10.22.10
Our Rating:

While Lois and Clark plans to come clean about his secret, Lois is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian goddess who is in search of her lost love. Cat mistakes Lois for the Blur after witnessing her new powers.


Episode #: 1006
Air Date: 10.29.10
Our Rating:

Clark takes Lois away from the dangers of Metropolis to cover a small-town story, only to have her fall in with a rural village of people who believe that a yearly sacrifice is keeping them safe and prosperous. Tess tries to find a cure for Alexander's rapid aging.


Episode #: 1007
Air Date: 11.05.10
Our Rating:

Lois's father and sister show up at the Kent Farm to check out Clark over Thanksgiving, unaware that the General is being tracked by the men who kidnapped Oliver -- Rick Flagg's new Suicide Squad.


Episode #: 1008
Air Date: 11.12.10
Our Rating:

After Tess experiences a nightmare of an orphanage run by an abusive woman, she and Clark investigate -- though Tess swears she has no memory of the place. After confronting the loss of her late mother, Lois decides to confront Jor-El about his relationship with Clark.


Episode #: 1009
Air Date: 11.19.10
Our Rating:

Clark tries to reign in Arthur Curry after he blows up an off-shore oil rig. Oliver decides to test the government's intentions of the new Vigilante Registration Act by signing himself up, and Lois investigates an ambitious Colonel leading the hunt.


Episode #: 1010
Air Date: 12.03.10
Our Rating:

A Kryptonian artifact sends Clark into a parallel reality, where he is Lionel Luther's son and rules the streets under the iron-fisted persona of Ultraman. Meanwhile, that world's darker version of Clark is transported to a kinder, gentler Metropolis.


Episode #: 1011
Air Date: 12.10.10
Our Rating:

With Oliver and the other vigilantes now targeted as terrorists, Clark and his friends must go underground. Meanwhile, Clark takes a major step forward in his relationship with Lois, and Carter Hall puts his life on the line to save her from Slade.


Episode #: 1012
Air Date: 02.04.11
Our Rating:

After being captured by the VRA Clark and the other heroes find their powers have been taken from them -- and all they remember are flashes of Chloe Sullivan standing over them in a laboratory. But when Chloe emerges, she has a very different explanation of their reality.


Episode #: 1013
Air Date: 02.11.11
Our Rating:

After an attempt on Martha Kent's life at an anti-VRA rally, Clark makes it his mission to find a shooter who is firing kryptonite bullets. Meanwhile, Lionel Luther returns to Metropolis looking for Lex's young clone.


Episode #: 1014
Air Date: 02.18.11
Our Rating:

While on a date Oliver and Chloe run afoul of Desaad, a man infecting people with the Darkness by appealing to their sins. After an increasing number of close calls around the world, Lois suggests that Clark find a new disguise.


Episode #: 1015
Air Date: 02.25.11
Our Rating:

Clark and his friends wake up the morning after Clark and Lois's bachelor and bachelorette parties, without any memory of their wild night out thanks to a spell from Zatanna. Emil is accused of stealing an armored car and Lois must hunt for her missing engagement ring, while Chloe suspects she and Clark got married while under the influence.


Episode #: 1016
Air Date: 03.04.11
Our Rating:

Tess asks Clark to act as Alexander's mentor after the boy, now the equivalent of a teenager and going by the name "Conner," develops superpowers. Fearing what he could do with a super-powered son, Tess tries to convince Lionel that Alexander is dead.


Episode #: 1017
Air Date: 04.15.11
Our Rating:

Clark Luthor arrives from the alternate reality, sending Clark to the other side and attempting to take over his life. Clark Kent goes in search of his father Jonathan -- a bitter, solitary who believes that Clark is responsible for ruining his life.


Episode #: 1018
Air Date: 04.22.11
Our Rating:

An arrogant new hero by the name of Booster Gold arrives on the scene in Smallville, seeking fame and offering Lois an exclusive interview. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark investigate a wealthy industrialist they believe has come to town seeking a weapon -- unaware that it has fused to a hapless young boy.


Episode #: 1019
Air Date: 04.29.11
Our Rating:

Clark and Oliver head into the Phantom Zone to uncover how one of its residents has been set free on Earth. Inside, they find Zod in control of the Zoners and eager to take his revenge.


Episode #: 1020
Air Date: 05.06.11
Our Rating:

Lois walks in Clark's shoes for a day after Jor-El gives her Clark's powers on the eve of their wedding. When Oliver goes searching for the Bow of Orion and finds Kara instead, the two must work together to unlock a labyrinth of puzzles. Meanwhile, Toyman exerts his influence from prison.

Finale, Part 1

Episode #: 1021
Air Date: 05.13.11
Our Rating:

Lois and Clark must come to terms on whether to go ahead with their wedding, while the forces of Darkseid prepare for the arrival of Apokolips -- a fiery planet that is being drawn toward Earth by the Darkness.

Finale, Part 2

Episode #: 1022
Air Date: 05.13.11
Our Rating:

Clark must seize his ultimate destiny to become the hero the world needs when an alien planet threatens to crash into Earth. Lois tries to convince the President not to try nuking the threat, and Lex Luthor is reborn.