Season Two Episode Guide

New Earth

Episode #: 201
U.K. Air Date: 15.04.06
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Five billion years in the future, the Doctor and Rose visit a hospital facility on humanity's new home world. While the Doctor visits the dying Face of Boe, Rose's body is possessed by none other than Cassandra, whose brain survived their last encounter.

Tooth and Claw

Episode #: 202
U.K. Air Date: 22.04.06
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After a group of monks seize control of a Scottish estate, the Doctor and Rose find themselves trapped inside with Queen Victoria herself, while a real-life werewolf stalks them.

School Reunion

Episode #: 203
U.K. Air Date: 29.04.06
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On a tip from Mickey the Doctor and Rose investigate a present-day high school, where the new headmaster and teachers are subjecting the students to some very strange education. The Doctor is reunited with a dear friend and former traveling companion, Sarah Jane Smith.

The Girl In the Fireplace

Episode #: 204
U.K. Air Date: 06.05.06
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The Doctor and his companions find a fifty-first century ship dead in space, with many portals into different points in the life of a woman in eighteenth century Paris. With the ability to visit the girl, Reinette, throughout her life, the Doctor must discover why the ship's clockwork androids are after her.

Rise of the Cybermen

Episode #: 205
U.K. Air Date: 13.05.06
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The TARDIS falls through a crack in the universe and into a parallel reality, where an ailing corporate tycoon named John Lumic is plotting to conquer the world -- and cheat death -- with his latest mechanical creations.

The Age of Steel

Episode #: 206
U.K. Air Date: 20.05.06
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As Lumic rounds up all of London to be "upgraded" into Cybermen bodies, the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey join an underground resistance led by Mickey's parallel self. Rose and her father, Pete, risk their lives to try and save this world's Jackie Tyler.

The Idiot's Lantern

Episode #: 207
U.K. Air Date: 27.05.06
Our Rating:

The Doctor and Rose find a hostile alien entity in 1953 England, who is using televisions to literally feed on the minds of unsuspecting viewers.

The Impossible Planet

Episode #: 208
U.K. Air Date: 03.06.06
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The Doctor and Rose visit a research base on the surface of planet held in orbit of a black hole, and are stranded with the researchers when the TARDIS is lost.

The Satan Pit

Episode #: 209
U.K. Air Date: 10.06.06
Our Rating:

With their slaves taken over by a demonic being inside the center of the planet, the researchers and Rose fight to survive inside the station -- while the Doctor descends into the abyss below.

Love & Monsters

Episode #: 210
U.K. Air Date: 17.06.06
Our Rating:

A London man meets a group of people who are obsessed with the Doctor, believing that he saw him once as a child. But when they start working for a man with a hidden agenda, none of them is safe.

Fear Her

Episode #: 211
U.K. Air Date: 24.06.06
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In the year 2012, London prepares to host the Olympic games -- while on a quiet neighborhood street children are vanishing, victims of a young girl whose drawings come to life.

Army of Ghosts

Episode #: 212
U.K. Air Date: 01.07.06
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Rose and the Doctor return to Earth to find that millions of ghosts now regularly appear all over the world, thanks to a mysterious sphere and the Torchwood Institute's dangerous experiments.


Episode #: 213
U.K. Air Date: 08.07.06
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Earth's future -- and Rose's life -- hang in the balance when the armies of the Cybermen and the Daleks invade from beyond our universe and go to war.