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Battlestar Galactica (Mini-Series)

Air Date: 12.08.03
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Forty years after a war with the Cylons, a race of cybernetic warriors once created by man, peace is obliterated when the children of the Twelve Colonies launch a devasating, genocidal attack on their parents. The Battlestar Galactica, the 50-year-old pride of the fleet, survives to lead a fleet of fugitive survivors into deep space, seeking the survival of their race.

The Resistance

Air Date: 09.05.06 - 10.05.06
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In these 10 short webisodes, the Colonial survivors face Cylon occupation on the planet New Caprica. Saul Tigh leads a group of insurgents, who hope to recruit former Viper pilot Duck.

The Face of the Enemy

Air Date: 2008-2009
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Trapped on board a Raptor with the Cylon Boomer, Felix Gaeta learns the true meaning of friend and foe. (10 Webisodes)


Air Date: 11.24.07
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Lee Adama must deal with the legacy of Admiral Cain when he takes command of the Battlestar Pegasus, starting with Kendra Shaw -- a young officer who was a Cain loyalist. A missing Raptor prompts a rescue mission and a confrontation with a very old Cylon base.

The Plan

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The story of the attack on the Twelve Colonies and the first year of the fleet's trials is retold from the point of view of the Cylons, led by Cavil, who is bent on finishing the destruction of humanity.

Blood & Chrome

Air Date: 02.10.13
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Young Colonial pilot William Adama and his co-pilot find themselves off the grid and deep in a dangerous mission that could help end the long war with the Cylons by delivering a technical genius to her destination.