Season Three Episode Guide

Season of Death

Episode #: 301
Air Date: 03.16.01
Our Rating:

D'Argo and Stark try to heal John, left with his head open on an operating table, while Scorpius attempts to avoid discovery. Zhaan makes a great personal sacrifice, while Jothee and Chiana commit an indiscretion.

Suns and Lovers

Episode #: 302
Air Date: 03.23.01
Our Rating:

A storm traps Moya in the docking clamps of a commerce station, and D'Argo -- reeling from betrayal -- risks his life to free her.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a

Episode #: 303
Air Date: 03.30.01
Our Rating:

A wormhole accident fuses Moya with an alien ship, threatening her life. The crew must decide whether or not to abandon the ship in order to survive.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait For the Wheel

Episode #: 304
Air Date: 04.06.01
Our Rating:

Moya's crew must escape the aliens and the deadly wormhole when they discover that the ship's dire situation was caused by sabotage. One of the crew makes a sacrifice to save the rest.

... Different Destinations

Episode #: 305
Air Date: 04.13.01
Our Rating:

A tear in the fabric of time sends Crichton and his friends into the past, where they inadvertently alter an important moment in Peacekeeper history.

Eat Me

Episode #: 306
Air Date: 04.20.01
Our Rating:

D'Argo, John, Chiana and Jool are forced to land on an abandoned Leviathan, and are preyed upon by a brain-sucking psychopath who has taken over the ship and turned its crew into flesh-eating zombies. Moya finds Talyn adrift, with Crais unconscious on board.

Thanks For Sharing

Episode #: 307
Air Date: 06.15.01
Our Rating:

The crew must travel to a planet to obtain medicine for Talyn, and learn that a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad is hunting him. Aeryn learns the truth about her past.

Green Eyed Monster

Episode #: 308
Air Date: 06.22.01
Our Rating:

A giant Budong swallows Talyn, and tempers flare between Crichton, Crais and Aeryn as they attempt to find a means of escape. Aeryn makes a decision that could change her life forever.

Losing Time

Episode #: 309
Air Date: 06.29.01
Our Rating:

The crew must discover which of them has been possessed by a parasitic Energy Rider, before the being that has come to find it kills them all. Meanwhile, Scorpius finds a deadly problem with his wormhole research.


Episode #: 310
Air Date: 07.06.01
Our Rating:

Aeryn must face her mother when the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad catches up with them. Crichton discovers that Talyn isn't the only one the Peacekeepers are after.


Episode #: 311
Air Date: 07.13.01
Our Rating:

When Scorpius runs into trouble decoding the wormhole technology taken from Crichton's brain, he appeals to John for an alliance -- offering to reveal his own shrouded past.


Episode #: 312
Air Date: 07.14.01
Our Rating:

Crichton, Aeryn and Crais struggle to override Talyn when the ship suddenly begins flying into a star.

Scratch 'n Sniff

Episode #: 313
Air Date: 07.20.01
Our Rating:

When Moya's crew visits a pleasure planet for shore leave, Crichton and D'Argo are taken advantage of -- and learn that Jool and Chiana have been captured to have their essence harvested.

Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: Daedalus Demands

Episode #: 314
Air Date: 07.27.01
Our Rating:

Crichton is reunited with the Ancients when an old acquaintance unlocks the secret of wormhole technology -- threatening the entire galaxy should the Scarrans acquire it. Talyn and Crais are blinded by a solar flare, while John attempts to force Scorpius' neural clone from his mind.

Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides

Episode #: 315
Air Date: 08.03.01
Our Rating:

Crichton and Aeryn race to construct a powerful weapon to fight an approaching Scarran Dreadnaught, poised to claim powerful wormhole technology that could help them conquer the galaxy. Crais and Stark deal with a Scarran who boards Talyn and tries to take command.

Revenging Angel

Episode #: 316
Air Date: 08.10.01
Our Rating:

An accident puts Crichton in a coma, where he uses his imagination to fight for his life. D'Argo tries to stop an alien ship from self-destructing, and taking Moya with it.

The Choice

Episode #: 317
Air Date: 08.17.01
Our Rating:

Aeryn tries to contact her deceased father on a planet fraught with mystics and frauds, but encounters an all-too familiar face. Crais is forced to make a shocking confession.


Episode #: 318
Air Date: 08.24.01
Our Rating:

Moya's crew is reunited, and encounters another group of escaped Peacekeeper prisoners -- a Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian.

I-Yensch, You-Yensch

Episode #: 319
Air Date: 04.05.02
Our Rating:

Rygel and D'Argo negotiate with Scorpius on Crichton's behalf. Talyn's hostile actions lead the crew to a difficult decision about his future.

Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs To the Slaughter

Episode #: 320
Air Date: 04.12.02
Our Rating:

Crichton and the crew board Scorpius' command carrier, launching a secret plot to sabotage his wormhole research. But a Peacekeeper commandant works to destroy their alliance and sign a peace treaty with the Scarrans.

Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Episode #: 321
Air Date: 04.19.02
Our Rating:

Crichton is forced to go to extreme measures to destroy the Peacekeepers' wormhole research, and is betrayed to Scorpius. Two comrades must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Dog With Two Bones

Episode #: 322
Air Date: 04.26.02
Our Rating:

The crew encounters a hostile Leviathan while trying to lay their friend to rest. Crichton and Aeryn must decide the fate of their love as the rest of the crew prepares to go their separate ways.