Join the Team!

SciFi Stream is looking for talented writers with a passion for science fiction and fantasy television. Want to join the team? Just send us an e-mail and introduce yourself, and tell us what you want to write about.

We are currently looking for writers who can contribute the following:

  • recaps and reviews of your favorite genre show;
  • regular news coverage on your favorite show(s) — episode info, ratings, trailers and video, etc.;
  • a weekly opinion column;
  • something else you’ve thought of that we haven’t!

You don’t need to have professional training or writing credentials, but you do need to be 18 years or older and have the ability to write formal prose, and to meet regular deadlines. Most importantly, you need a passion for your favorite TV shows!

We cover most science fiction and fantasy series that are currently in production for U.S. broadcast and cable TV, as well as several international shows.  Whether your love is for time travel, space ships, alien invasions, comic book heroes, werewolves, vampires, post-apocalyptic worlds, or Headless Horsemen, there’s something for you to do at SciFi Stream!