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Season One

CHAPTER 1: GENESIS. A group of strangers discover that they can do extraordinary things -- and must save the world from the explosive consequences of the emergence of one of their own.


Season Two

CHAPTER 2: GENERATIONS. A new threat emerges and begins attacking the previous generation's group of heroes, and a deadly virus threatens to destroy most of the world's population.


Season Three

CHAPTER 3: VILLAINS. The world's worst villains escape and a rival company rises. CHAPTER 4: FUGITIVES. The heroes are on the run when a secret government organization targets anyone with an ability.


Season Four

CHAPTER 5: REDEMPTION. As the heroes seek redemption for their pasts and new lives for the future, a powerful and mysterious carnival leader begins to involve himself in their lives for his own purposes.


Heroes Reborn

VOLUME 1: AWAKENING. In the wake of a devastating attack, people with extraordinary abilities find themselves ostracized and hunted. As Noah Bennet digs for answers, a clandestine group hopes to save the world from a coming cataclysm.


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Heroes airs for four seasons on NBC. The revival event series Heroes Reborn aired for one season.