Being Human
2009-2014  (BBC Three, Syfy)
Being Human

Being Human


Season One (U.S.)

A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost move in together and trying living normal, mortal lives in the U.S. remake of the BBC original.


Season Two (U.S.)

Aidan tries to direct the Boston vampire community, but is tormented by a figure from his past. Sally must face the consequences of missing her door, and Josh searches for a cure for his condition.


Season Three (U.S.)

Aidan learns that the vampire community has undergone a significant change in his absence, while a new threat arrives in town.


Season Four (U.S.)

Josh finds himself trapped within his wolf, Sally tries to put her new powers to use, and a new boss in the vampire community makes Aidan's life more complicated.


Season One (U.K.)

A vampire and a werewolf discover they have a ghost as their new flatmate, and struggle to live normal lives -- while the local vampire community works to quietly increase its numbers.


Season Two (U.K.)

Mitchell struggles to control the vampire community, while Annie looks for a new purpose in "life." George and Nina's relationship is affected by what has happened to her, and a secretive group begins experimenting on werewolves -- and keeping tabs on the housemates.


Season Three (U.K.)

While Mitchell copes with his recent transgression, he and Annie continue to grow closer. The housemates discover a family of werewolves trying to stay under the radar.


Season Four (U.K.)

After losing those closest to them, the housemates must prepare for a new onslaught from the vampire community and protect a child who may be the savior of them all.


Season Five (U.K.)

A new group of friends adjust to their new lives together, as a cunning new threat emerges ...

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. The original Being Human ran for five seasons on BBC Three. The U.S. adaptation ran for four seasons on Syfy Channel.