Season Two (U.K.) Episode Guide

Episode 1

Episode #: 201
U.K. Air Date: 10.01.10
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George and Mitchell tangle with a pair of vampires after George is attacked, one of whom seduces George. Nina confides in Annie about what happened to her the night of George's transformation, and Annie looks to the local pub for a new job.

Episode 2

Episode #: 202
U.K. Air Date: 17.01.10
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The man who helped Mitchell go straight turns up in need of help after feeding on the person closest to him. Meanwhile, Mitchell learns that an important safeguard for the vampire community died with Herrick. Prodded by visions from a television, Annie's new friend Saul makes a move on her.

Episode 3

Episode #: 203
U.K. Air Date: 24.01.10
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After another attack draws attention, Mitchell attempts to reign in the vampire community and strike a new bargain with the local constable in Herrick's absence. Annie asks for George's help reuniting Hugh with his former love.

Episode 4

Episode #: 204
U.K. Air Date: 31.01.10
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After she is rescued from another door, Annie seeks help from a fellow ghost to learn how to stand up for herself. Mitchell tries to make the vampire community go clean, pressing his friend Ivan to join up as a role model. George decides to make a fresh start and by taking a new job, and Nina is subjected to a dangerous experiment.

Episode 5

Episode #: 205
U.K. Air Date: 07.02.10
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George tries to advance his new relationship by meeting Sam's family, and Annie reluctantly agrees to babysit a ghost baby. Mitchell relives an experience decades ago when he was forced to take a woman hostage to avoid the police, while in the present day he prepares for a date with Lucy.

Episode 6

Episode #: 206
U.K. Air Date: 14.02.10
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Annie helps out a psychic who has lost the ability to communicate with the dead, only to find herself in the midst of a very personal reunion of her own. George prepares to move in with Sam and Molly, and finds life quickly complicated by his need to disappear once each month. Mitchell prepares to leave the vampire community, unaware that someone close to him has betrayed them all.

Episode 7

Episode #: 207
U.K. Air Date: 21.02.10
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Nina returns to learn that George has moved on with someone else, and introduces him and Annie to the group experimenting on werewolves. Daisy swears vengeance after the attack on the vampire community, prompting Mitchell to seek the identity of their attacker. George has an unexpected transformation in the worst place imaginable.

Episode 8

Episode #: 208
U.K. Air Date: 28.02.10
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George submits himself to Lucy and Kemp's experiments for Nina's sake, while a bloodthirsty Mitchell arrives at the facility in search of Lucy. Meanwhile, Annie plans to move on ... without telling her friends.