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Season One

Benjamin Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine, a former Cardassian space station orbiting the planet Bajor -- and a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.


Season Two

The crew of DS9 continues to maintain a Federation presence in the hostile region, and discover a powerful new enemy in the Gamma Quadrant.


Season Three

Odo finds his people, and learns that they are at the center of the Dominion -- an alliance of Gamma Quadrant worlds hostile to the Federation.


Season Four

Lieutenant Commander Worf is transferred to DS9 and joins the crew, as hostilities with the Dominion increase.


Season Five

Odo struggles with his identity, while the Federation and the Dominion inch closer and closer to all-out war. Sisko pursues of an officer who betrayed him.


Season Six

The Federation engages in a war with the Dominion, with Deep Space Nine on the Gamma Quadrant front line. The price of the war is great indeed.


Season Seven

The Dominion War comes to its culmination, as Sisko faces an uncertain future. Dukat launches a scheme to overthrow the Prophets.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired for seven seasons in U.S. syndication.