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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Movie)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In the early days of the Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker is assigned his first Padawan learner, Ahsoka Tano, who joins him in an attempt to rescue Jabba the Hutt's kidnapped son.


Season One

The Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, as the Republic forces under the command of the Jedi Order struggle to hold things together as the Separatist threat grows.


Season Two

Rise of the Bounty Hunters. The conflict with the Separatists grows more dangerous when Darth Sidious employs cut-throat bounty hunters to help advance his agenda.


Season Three

Secrets Revealed. The conflict continues to rage across the galaxy, destroying old alliances and forging new heroes in battle -- while the forces of the Dark Side begin to grow more powerful.


Season Four

Battle Lines. The Separatist conflict puts once peaceful worlds into conflict, as Jedi and Sith alike realign their allegiances. Obi-Wan goes undercover, and Savage Opress goes in search of his brother.

Star Wars: Clone Wars (516) - The Lawless

Season Five

Resistance to the Separatist Alliance grows, as the Jedi train new allies in the fight -- while a group of Younglings find themselves in over their head. Maul and Opress strike up a deadly alliance with the Death Watch, and an attack on the Jedi Temple alters one Jedi's path forever.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (612) - Destiny

Season Six

The Lost Missions. When a shocking incident suggests a potential flaw in the clone army, the Jedi attempt to learn the truth about Master Sifo-Dyas -- and Yoda draws closer to the deepest secrets of the Force.

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Show Status

BACK IN PRODUCTION! Season Seven of Star Wars: Clone Wars is now in production for Disney's streaming service, set to premiere this February. The show aired for five seasons on Cartoon Network and a sixth season on Netflix, following three seasons of shorts on Cartoon Network (2003-2005).

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