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Season One

In the wake of the brutal slaying of a wealthy couple, Detective Jim Gordon attempts to hold the city of Gotham together as new criminal masterminds emerge.


Season Two

RISE OF THE VILLAINS. As Detective Gordon and a reformed Gotham PD work to turn the city around a new class of villains rushes in to fill the crime vacuum, and even Bruce Wayne finds himself the target of evil forces.


Season Three

MAD CITY. In the wake of a mass escape of Indian Hill inmates Jim Gordon takes to the streets for answers.


Season Four

A DARK KNIGHT. Penguin's attempts to control crime in Gotham proves more difficult than he thought, while Bruce Wayne draws closer to the life of a vigilante.

Gotham (Season 5)

Season Five

Jim Gordon tries to hold together a city on the edge of chaos, as new villains hit the streets of Gotham -- and a Caped Crusader is born.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Gotham aired for five seasons on FOX in the United States.