Season One Episode Guide


Episode #: 101
Air Date: 09.22.14
Our Rating:

Gotham Police Detective James Gordon tries to make a difference in the corrupt city, where a young boy named Bruce Wayne has been orphaned by the murder of his parents.

Selina Kyle

Episode #: 102
Air Date: 09.29.14
Our Rating:

Gordon and Bullock investigate the abduction of a group of street kids, but things only get worse after the Mayor gets involved. Oswald Cobblepot makes his way across the countryside, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

The Balloonman

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 10.06.14
Our Rating:

After a criminal financier is fatally handcuffed to a weather balloon, Detectives Gordon and Bullock go in search of the vigilante who is targeting the corrupt. Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham, and the Major Crimes investigators turn their cross-hairs on Gordon.


Episode #: 104
Air Date: 10.13.14
Our Rating:

On the even of a contentious city council vote over the future of the Arkham district a ruthless hitman targets Gotham politicians, threatening to start a war between the two biggest crime families in the city. Meanwhile, Oswald makes a move to raise his profile in the eyes of Maroni.


Episode #: 105
Air Date: 10.20.14
Our Rating:

Bullock and Gordon search for a man who robbed a convenience store with help from a new, super-powered drug. Bruce investigates the role of his family's company in the Arkham deal, and Fish continues to plot against Falcone.

Spirit of the Goat

Episode #: 106
Air Date: 10.27.14
Our Rating:

A killer begins targeting the children of Gotham's elite, dredging up memories of an old case for Bullock. Gordon is publicly accused of murder.

Penguin's Umbrella

Episode #: 107
Air Date: 11.03.14
Our Rating:

The forces of Gotham's two largest crime families go up against each other after Fish Mooney learns of Cobblepot's true fate, while Falcone sends a hit-man to eliminate Gordon -- in the middle of the police precinct.

The Mask

Episode #: 108
Air Date: 11.10.14
Our Rating:

Gordon and Bullock investigate what appears to be a deadly fight club, where job applicants are expected to fight for a position at a financial firm. Bruce begins school and must learn how to deal with a bully.

Harvey Dent

Episode #: 109
Air Date: 11.17.14
Our Rating:

After Gordon moves Selina Kyle into Wayne Manor, an ambitious district attorney plans to use the secret witness to flush out his chief suspect in the Wayne murders. Meanwhile Gordon and Bullock search for an escaped bomb-maker, and Oswald discovers the connection between Fish Mooney and her secret weapon, Liza.


Episode #: 110
Air Date: 11.24.14
Our Rating:

Bruce and Selina flee into the city after a pair of assassins infiltrate the Manor, leading Detective Gordon to Lovecraft's doorstep. Alfred teams up with Bullock to find the children, and Don Falcone puts the screws to Fish.

Rogues' Gallery

Episode #: 111
Air Date: 01.05.15
Our Rating:

Now an under-appreciated security guard at Arkham Asylum, Jim is charged with finding a perpetrator who left an inmate brain-dead with crude electro-shock therapy. Meanwhile Fish's right-hand man has a decision to make, and Selina helps an ailing Ivy come in from the cold.

What The Little Bird Told Him

Episode #: 112
Air Date: 01.19.15

In an attempt to get his job back, Gordon seeks to capture Jack Gruber, a deranged electrical genius who escapes Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Falcone struggles to hold onto his empire after Fish Mooney makes her next move. (FOX)

Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Episode #: 113
Air Date: 01.26.15
Our Rating:

Bullock and Gordon conduct an internal investigation when a witness is murdered inside the walls of the GCPD precinct. Fish swears revenge as she suffers at the hands of Falcone's interrogator following her transgression, and Bruce Wayne tries to locate Selina.

The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Episode #: 114
Air Date: 02.02.15
Our Rating:

After Fish rats out Penguin to Maroni, the Don takes him to a remote cabin outside the city to test his loyalty. Gordon and Bullock hunt for a killer who targets victims with severe phobias, and Edward Nigma finds himself suspended.

The Scarecrow

Episode #: 115
Air Date: 02.09.15
Our Rating:

Gordon and Bullock continue to track a biology teacher who has been harvesting adrenal glands from his victims in order to create a "cure" for fear. Meanwhile Fish must adjust to her new circumstances inside a foreign prison, and Bruce takes a hike that proves treacherous.

The Blind Fortune Teller

Episode #: 116
Air Date: 02.16.15
Our Rating:

Jim and Leslie's visit to the circus turns up a dead performer, casting suspicion on her son and the other performers. Fish attempts to consolidate her power inside the prison, while Barbara returns to Gotham. Meanwhile, Bruce prepares to meet with the board of Wayne Enterprises for the first time.

Red Hood

Episode #: 117
Air Date: 02.23.15
Our Rating:

After a series of bold bank robberies Gordon and Bullock chase the "Red Hood gang." Fish negotiates her new position with her captor, and young Bruce Wayne welcomes an old friend of Alfred's into the house.

Everyone Has A Cobblepot

Episode #: 118
Air Date: 03.02.15
Our Rating:

After a corrupt cop returns to the force, Jim and Harvey look for Commissioner Loeb's stash of incriminating evidence on important people. Fish must strike a deal with her captor, and Bruce determines to find the man who attacked Alfred.

Beasts of Prey

Episode #: 119
Air Date: 04.13.15
Our Rating:

Gordon and Bullock investigate the cold case of a serial killer who targets young women in Gotham. Fish puts things in motion to prepare for her escape, and Bruce decides to confront Alfred's friend on his own.

Under the Knife

Episode #: 120
Air Date: 04.20.15
Our Rating:

As Detective Gordon puts the Ogre in the city's spotlight, the serial killer sets his sights on Barbara. Bruce and Selina attend Wayne Enterprises' annual ball to expose a corrupt executive, and Oswald plots against Don Maroni -- only to find his own mother in the crosshairs.

The Anvil or the Hammer

Episode #: 121
Air Date: 04.27.15
Our Rating:

The Ogre breaks down Barbara's psyche, leading to a bloody confrontation with her parents. Oswald triggers a mob war, and Bruce confronts a Wayne Enterprises executive. Meanwhile, Nygma deals with his recent actions.

All Happy Families Are Alike

Episode #: 122
Air Date: 05.04.15
Our Rating:

Gordon and Bullock find themselves in the middle of a war for Gotham after Jim interrupts Penguin's endgame, and Fish returns to lay her claim to the criminal underworld. Meanwhile Barbara agrees to counseling with Dr. Thompkins, and Bruce scours the mansion for a secret he believes was hidden by his father.