2006-2012  (Syfy)



Season One

Jack Carter finds himself stuck in a small town with big secrets, a community of geniuses assembled by the government to conduct top-secret research.


Season Two

As the new sheriff of the town of Eureka, Jack Carter continues to learn more about its odd inhabitants and the secret research facility Global Dynamics.


Season Three

Change is afoot at Global Dynamics and in the town of Eureka, bringing new challenges to Sheriff Carter. Eureka loses one of its most respected citizens.


Season Four

Eureka and its people will never be the same again after a universe-altering trip into the past, creating an alternate timeline.


Season Five

Sheriff Carter and the residents of Eureka try to aide the brave crew of the Astraeus after their mysterious disappearance.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Eureka aired for five seasons on Syfy Channel.