Season Five Episode Guide


Episode #: 501
Air Date: 04.16.12

The Astraeus crew returns to Eureka four years later and must adapt to a myriad of changes, including a more oppressive version of Deputy Andy. (TV Guide)

The Real Thing

Episode #: 502
Air Date: 04.23.12

Carter and Andy are jailed for trying to steal a piece of equipment to complete a device that Kevin has assembled to search for the Astraeus crew. Meanwhile, Holly comes up with a dangerous theory. (TV Guide)

Force Quit

Episode #: 503
Air Date: 04.30.12

Beverly Barlowe resurfaces in Eureka seeking Carter's help to free the Astraeus crew, and the rescue plan lands Carter in the crew's virtual world. (TV Guide)

Friendly Fire

Episode #: 504
Air Date: 05.07.12

Fargo deals with Holly's death; Zane and Allison evaluate their romantic relationships after their experiences in the virtual reality; a project threatens to ignite the town. (TV Guide)

Jack of All Trades

Episode #: 505
Air Date: 05.14.12

D.O.D. psychological assessor Warren Hughes resurfaces, and Carter begins to exhibit strange behavior. (TV Guide)

Worst Case Scenario

Episode #: 506
Air Date: 05.21.12

A disaster-preparedness drill for Global Dynamics goes awry and imperils the town. Meanwhile, Zane participates in a secret simulation for Fargo. (TV Guide)

Ex Machina

Episode #: 507
Air Date: 06.04.12

Fargo thinks Holly is alive in the virtual Eureka, but a security program hampers efforts to retrieve her consciousness. Meanwhile, Carter is linked to seemingly paranormal activity at Global Dynamics. (TV Guide)

In Too Deep

Episode #: 508
Air Date: 06.11.12

A submarine mishap ruins a romantic outing for Carter and Allison, and Jo must sort through pranks at Global Dynamics to save them. (TV Guide)

Smarter Carter

Episode #: 509
Air Date: 06.18.12

Allison's brother visits to meet her new husband; Carter's intelligence mysteriously begins to grow exponentially. (TV Guide)

The Honeymooners

Episode #: 510
Air Date: 06.25.12

Carter's honeymoon with Allison is complicated by saboteurs in Eureka. (TV Guide)

Mirror, Mirror

Episode #: 511
Air Date: 07.02.12

Eureka is cut off from the world by a malfunctioning experiment that threatens to eradicate the town's populace. (TV Guide)

Double Take

Episode #: 512
Air Date: 07.09.12

The town's communications systems go haywire because the SmartDust control unit is broken. Meanwhile, the bio-printer vanishes; and Holly behaves strangely. (TV Guide)

Just Another Day

Episode #: 513
Air Date: 07.16.12

Wormholes randomly materialize around Eureka as the Department of Defense is set to shut the town down. (TV Guide)