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Season One

Gwen Cooper is recruited into Torchwood, a mysterious organization that keeps Earth safe from alien threats.


Season Two

A dark evil threatens to enter the world of the living, and a member of Torchwood may be its way in. A man from Jack's past arrives with life-altering news, and Owen struggles with a major change in his life.


Children of Earth

Torchwood is betrayed by their own government when an alien arrives, using children to communicate a dire warning and making a demand that brings the planet to its knees.


Miracle Day

No one grows old. No one dies. Torchwood must reunite and go global to face a massive threat to Earth.

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Show Status

ON HIATUS. Torchwood: Miracle Day has concluded on STARZ in the U.S. and BBC One in the U.K. No plans have been announced for a new series.