2006-2011  (BBC One)



Season One

Gwen Cooper is recruited into Torchwood, a mysterious organization that keeps Earth safe from alien threats.


Season Two

A dark evil threatens to enter the world of the living, and a member of Torchwood may be its way in. A man from Jack's past arrives with life-altering news, and Owen struggles with a major change in his life.


Children of Earth

Torchwood is betrayed by their own government when an alien arrives, using children to communicate a dire warning and making a demand that brings the planet to its knees.


Miracle Day

No one grows old. No one dies. Torchwood must reunite and go global to face a massive threat to Earth.

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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Torchwood aired for two regular seasons on the BBC, and returned with the miniseries "Children of Earth" and "Miracle Day" (the latter of which aired on STARZ in the U.S.).