Miracle Day Episode Guide

The New World

Episode #: 401
U.K. Air Date: 14.07.11
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The world is shocked when a full day goes by without any reported deaths of illness, injury, or old age -- anywhere. Meanwhile, pair of CIA agents investigate the mysterious name "Torchwood," not realizing that it is connected to the worldwide miracle. In a remote part of Wales, Gwen Cooper tries to keep her family hidden and safe.


Episode #: 402
U.K. Air Date: 21.07.11
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While Agent Matheson extradites Jack and Gwen to the United States on board a passenger plane, forces within the CIA work to undermine his efforts. Oswald Danes goes on television to improve his public image, and Esther makes a run for it after being targeted by her employer.

Dead of Night

Episode #: 403
U.K. Air Date: 07.28.11
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On the run from the C.I.A. and a clandestine group that has blackballed Torchwood, the team discovers a connection to PhiCorp, a powerful pharmaceutical company that may have known about the Miracle before it happened.

Escape to L.A.

Episode #: 404
U.K. Air Date: 04.08.11
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Torchwood goes to Los Angeles to attempt a risky operation inside PhiCorp's headquarters, unaware that someone is watching them. A U.S. politician launches a campaign arguing that those who should be dead should be treated as dead, and the government sets up a facility to shut in the diseased.

The Categories of Life

Episode #: 405
U.K. Air Date: 08.11.11
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Gwen returns home to track down her father, while Dr. Juarez joins Torchwood's fight after the government announces a plan to categorize the dead and relocate them to mandatory camps. Rex uses his injury to infiltrate one of the camps, and Oswald Danes attends a "Miracle Rally."

The Middle Men

Episode #: 406
U.K. Air Date: 08.18.11
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Jack plans to confront the head of PhiCorp about his company's involvement in Miracle Day. Esther tries to find out what happened to Dr. Juarez, and Rex attempts to escape the compound with evidence of the atrocities being committed inside.

Immortal Sins

Episode #: 407
U.K. Air Date: 08.25.11
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With the camps brought to a temporary halt, Gwen kidnaps Jack in the hopes of rescuing her family. Jack recalls a past love affair with a man who he enlisted as his "companion" -- leading to a revelation about the origins of the Miracle.

End of the Road

Episode #: 408
U.K. Air Date: 01.09.11
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Jack is taken to meet the one man who knows how the Miracle began -- someone with whom he has a deep personal connection. As Torchwood joins forces with the CIA Esther and Gwen reconnect with their families, and Jilly Kitzinger grows impatient with Danes.

The Gathering

Episode #: 409
U.K. Air Date: 08.09.11
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Rex works with the CIA to track a lead on the three Families, unaware that a mole is in their midst. Gwen and Rhys try to keep her father hidden from the authorities, and receive a very unexpected visitor with some startling information.

The Blood Line

Episode #: 410
U.K. Air Date: 15.09.11
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The team zeroes in on the Blessing in Shanghai and Buenos Aires, while the CIA draws closer to identifying the mole in their midst. The Families plan to bury the Blessing to maintain the Miracle indefinitely as part of a larger plan, unaware that the only weapon capable of stopping them is about to walk in the door: Captain Jack Harkness.