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Season One

A crew of interplanetary bounty hunters chase their deadly warrants across the Quad, a distant system on the brink of a bloody, multiplanetary class war.


Season Two

Dutch fights to reunite her fractured crew as a dangerous threat builds its power base. Watch the new season of Killjoys this summer!


Season Three

Dutch and her team launch a personal war against those responsible for unleashing an ancient darkness on the worlds of the Quad.

Killjoys (Season 4)

Season Four

The Killjoys take on The Lady, an immeasurable manifestation of evil without beginning or end. The Lady is making her play, and our trio has something she wants.

Killjoys (Season 5)

Season Five

The fate of the galaxy is on the line as the Killjoys and their friends stand off against the Lady.


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Killjoys aired for five seasons on Syfy Channel and Canada's Space.