Series Guide

Star Trek VOY (104) - Time and Again

Season One

The Federation starship Voyager is pulled 75,000 light years from Earth, and the new Starfleet-Maquis crew face the prospect of spending the rest of their lives traveling back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Star Trek VOY (204) - Elogium

Season Two

Chakotay and the crew suffer the effects of betrayal, and press on through Kazon-controlled space in an attempt to reach Earth.

Star Trek VOY (308) - Future's End, Part 1

Season Three

Voyager's crew continues to face aliens, time anomalies and personal crises as they fight their way through the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek VOY (401) - Scorpion, Part 2

Season Four

Janeway brings a former Borg drone into the Voyager family, and the ship faces trial after trial as they pass through Hirogen space.

Star Trek VOY (516) - Dark Frontier, Part 2

Season Five

The ship tries to escape Borg space, and the crew faces more perils on the long road home to Earth.

Star Trek VOY (607) - Dragon's Teeth

Season Six

As Voyager's long journey continues, new hope emerges when contact is made with Starfleet Command in the Alpha Quadrant.

Star Trek VOY (725) - Endgame, Part 1

Season Seven

The crew's journey grows shorter, but conflicts continue to assault the ship and her crew -- leading to an encounter with the Borg that will determine their final fate.

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