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Star Trek DS9 (101) - The Emissary, Part 1

Season One

Benjamin Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine, a former Cardassian space station orbiting the planet Bajor -- and a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

Star Trek DS9 (216) - Shadow Play

Season Two

The crew of DS9 continues to maintain a Federation presence in the hostile region, and discover a powerful new enemy in the Gamma Quadrant.

Star Trek DS9 (311) - Past Tense, Part 1

Season Three

Odo finds his people, and learns that they are at the center of the Dominion -- an alliance of Gamma Quadrant worlds hostile to the Federation.

Star Trek DS9 (401) - The Way of the Warrior, Part 1

Season Four

Lieutenant Commander Worf is transferred to DS9 and joins the crew, as hostilities with the Dominion increase.

Star Trek DS9 (514) - In Purgatory's Shadow

Season Five

Odo struggles with his identity, while the Federation and the Dominion inch closer and closer to all-out war. Sisko pursues of an officer who betrayed him.

Star Trek DS9 (607) - You Are Cordially Invited ...

Season Six

The Federation engages in a war with the Dominion, with Deep Space Nine on the Gamma Quadrant front line. The price of the war is great indeed.

Star Trek DS9 (706) - Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

Season Seven

The Dominion War comes to its culmination, as Sisko faces an uncertain future. Dukat launches a scheme to overthrow the Prophets.

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CONCLUDED. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired for seven seasons in U.S. syndication.