Season Six Episode Guide

Equinox, Part 2

Episode #: 601
Air Date: 09.22.99
Our Rating:

Alien lifeforms assault Voyager, and Janeway grows determined to catch Captain Ransom and make him answer for his crimes. But Seven and the Doctor are captured by the renegade crew.

Survival Instinct

Episode #: 602
Air Date: 09.29.99
Our Rating:

A trio of former Borg drones arrive on the ship, forcing Seven of Nine to confront her secret past.

Barge of the Dead

Episode #: 603
Air Date: 10.06.99
Our Rating:

A near-death experience forces B'Elanna to explore the Klingon idea of Hell, where a great barge ferries her -- and her dishonored mother -- to Gre'thor.

Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

Episode #: 604
Air Date: 10.13.99
Our Rating:

The Doctor adds to his programming so that he can daydream, but an alien ship eavesdrops on his thoughts and mistakes them for reality -- and plans to attack Voyager.


Episode #: 605
Air Date: 10.20.99
Our Rating:

Tom takes an interest in repairing a derelict alien ship, but becomes obsessed with the strange vessel and its artificial intelligence -- manifested in the form of a beautiful woman.


Episode #: 606
Air Date: 11.03.99
Our Rating:

Tuvok loses his memory -- and his Vulcan discipline -- after an alien attack, and Neelix tries to help him adjust to a new life.

Dragon's Teeth

Episode #: 607
Air Date: 11.10.99
Our Rating:

Voyager finds a network of subspace corridors controlled by a hostile species, and revive their 500-year-old enemies from stasis pods found on a decimated world.

One Small Step

Episode #: 608
Air Date: 11.17.99
Our Rating:

Chakotay, Paris and Seven investigate a phenomenon they believe to be responsible for the disappearance of a historic 21st century Earth vessel, but become trapped within the mass of subspace energy.

The Voyager Conspiracy

Episode #: 609
Air Date: 11.24.99
Our Rating:

Voyager finds a space "catapult" that could take years off their journey, but Seven becomes convinced that certain members of the crew are orchestrating events for their own interests -- pitting the crew against one another.


Episode #: 610
Air Date: 12.01.99
Our Rating:

On Earth, Reginald Barclay finds the acceptance he's always wanted in a holographic recreation of Voyager, as he works against his fellow officers on a plan to communicate with the lost starship.

Fair Haven

Episode #: 611
Air Date: 01.12.00
Our Rating:

The crew seeks rest and relaxation in a holodeck recreation of an Irish village, where Janeway finds herself enamored with a local bartender.

Blink of an Eye

Episode #: 612
Our Rating:

Voyager is trapped in the unusual atmosphere of a planet where time is passing thousands of times faster than normal, and the crew learns that the "sky ship" has become a part of the planet's religious beliefs.


Episode #: 613
Air Date: 01.26.00
Our Rating:

An alien culture with no knowledge of music becomes fascinated with the Doctor's vocal talents -- eventually prompting him to consider leaving Voyager.


Episode #: 614
Air Date: 02.02.00
Our Rating:

The crew experience haunting flashbacks of a bloody war they do not remember fighting.


Episode #: 615
Air Date: 02.09.00
Our Rating:

Seven and Tuvok are captured by a fight organizer, who forces Seven to fight in an arena competition to save Tuvok's life.


Episode #: 616
Air Date: 02.16.00
Our Rating:

Voyager finds a damaged Borg cube, manned by a group of Borg children who capture some of the crew and try to trade them for the ship's deflector -- in order to contact the Collective.

Spirit Folk

Episode #: 617
Air Date: 02.23.00
Our Rating:

The residents of Voyager's favorite holodeck town witness the crew manipulate their fantasy environment, and begin to suspect that they are from the spirit world.

Ashes To Ashes

Episode #: 618
Air Date: 03.01.00
Our Rating:

Harry and the crew are reunited with one of their former ship mates -- who was reanimated and genetically transformed by an alien race after perishing three years ago.

Child's Play

Episode #: 619
Air Date: 03.08.00
Our Rating:

Voyager finds Icheb's home planet, and the young, former Borg drone prepares to leave the ship -- only to discover the frightening truth about his assimilation.

Good Shepherd

Episode #: 620
Air Date: 03.15.00
Our Rating:

Janeway finds three crew members with poor performance records, and leads them on an away mission -- where they encounter a mysterious alien force that threatens to destroy them.

Live Fast and Prosper

Episode #: 621
Air Date: 04.19.00
Our Rating:

Voyager's crew learns that a group of con artists is impersonating them, to swindle unsuspecting species -- and the crew is being blamed for their crimes.


Episode #: 622
Air Date: 04.26.00
Our Rating:

A shuttle crash leaves Torres and Kim stranded on an alien planet, where a writer uses B'Elanna and her experiences as material for his plays, in an attempt to bring peace between rival clans.


Episode #: 623
Air Date: 05.03.00
Our Rating:

Kes returns to Voyager with a vengeance, and travels back in time to her early days as a member of the crew in an attempt to return her younger self to Ocampa and hand Voyager over to the Vidiians.

Life Line

Episode #: 624
Air Date: 05.10.00
Our Rating:

The Doctor learns that his creator is dying, and uses the Pathfinder Project to transfer his program to the Alpha Quadrant -- where the stubborn and brilliant scientist refuses to be treated by the early model EMH.

The Haunting of Deck Twelve

Episode #: 625
Air Date: 05.17.00
Our Rating:

When the crew is forced to shut down all power, Neelix tells the nervous children a story about an intelligent, energy-based life form he claims has entered the ship and is "haunting" a section of Deck 12.

Unimatrix Zero, Part 1

Episode #: 626
Air Date: 05.24.00
Our Rating:

Seven finds that she has access to a virtual world where the members of a small Borg resistance movement go during their regeneration cycles. But the Borg Queen has discovered its existence, and moves to destroy it -- placing Voyager's crew in a frightening position.