Season Four Episode Guide

Scorpion, Part 2

Episode #: 401
Air Date: 09.03.97
Our Rating:

Janeway enters into a temporary alliance with the Borg in order to combat their common enemy, but suffers a debilitating injury. Left in command, Chakotay wrestles with whether to continue his captain's dangerous plan.

The Gift

Episode #: 402
Air Date: 09.10.97
Our Rating:

Janeway fights with Seven of Nine in an attempt to convince the Borg drone to see herself as an individual, free of the Collective. Kes undergoes a startling transformation that changes her life forever.

Day of Honor

Episode #: 403
Air Date: 09.17.97
Our Rating:

B'Elanna endures one of the hardest days of her life, and must face her feelings for Tom when they are stranded in space. Voyager offers aid to victims of the Borg, only to have their new allies turn on them.


Episode #: 404
Air Date: 09.24.97
Our Rating:

Chakotay is thrust into the middle of an alien war, and joins a detachment of soldiers in defending a village -- only to learn that all is not as it seems.


Episode #: 405
Air Date: 10.01.97
Our Rating:

Torres and the Doctor answer a distress call, and find a ship where the only surviving life-form is the vessel's neurotic and unstable maintenance hologram.

The Raven

Episode #: 406
Air Date: 10.08.97
Our Rating:

Strange dreams prompt Seven of Nine to flee Voyager, and rediscover a dark page from her past.

Scientific Method

Episode #: 407
Air Date: 10.29.97
Our Rating:

A rash of ailments on board Voyager leads the Doctor to discover that an invisible alien race has invaded the ship, and is conducting experiments on the crew without their knowledge.

Year of Hell, Part 1

Episode #: 408
Air Date: 11.05.97
Our Rating:

A Krenim time ship throws Voyager into the middle of a war zone, leading to months of fighting to survive as the ship begins crumbling around them.

Year of Hell, Part 2

Episode #: 409
Air Date: 11.12.97
Our Rating:

Chakotay tries to help the Krenim captain rewrite history, as Janeway works to hold her ship together and defend against the time distortions.

Random Thoughts

Episode #: 410
Air Date: 11.19.97
Our Rating:

Torres is charged with a crime when a fleeting thought unleashes a wave of brutal violence in a society of peaceful telepaths. Tuvok goes to great lengths to prove her innocence.

Concerning Flight

Episode #: 411
Air Date: 11.26.97
Our Rating:

Janeway and crew pursue an alien who stole technology from Voyager, and discover that her Leonardo Da Vinci program -- among other things -- are already being used on another world.

Mortal Coil

Episode #: 412
Air Date: 12.17.97
Our Rating:

Neelix questions his deepest spiritual beliefs when a near-death experience reveals no truth to the Talaxian idea of an afterlife.

Waking Moments

Episode #: 413
Air Date: 01.14.98
Our Rating:

The crew discovers that an alien race is invading their dreams, and Chakotay enters the sleeping world to confront them.

Message In A Bottle

Episode #: 414
Air Date: 01.21.98
Our Rating:

The Doctor's program is transmitted to an advanced Federation ship in the Alpha Quadrant, which has lost its crew. The Doctor and the ship's own EMH work to keep the prototype out of the hands of the Romulans.


Episode #: 415
Air Date: 02.11.98
Our Rating:

Voyager finds itself in an uncomfortable meeting with the Hirogen, a warrior species that lives for the hunt, after using their technology to communicate with Starfleet.


Episode #: 416
Air Date: 02.18.98
Our Rating:

While hunting a member of Species 8472, the Hirogen follow the alien to Voyager. Janeway is less than excited about handing the wounded being over to them.


Episode #: 417
Air Date: 02.25.98
Our Rating:

A change is Seven's behavior leads her to examine repressed memories, where she discovers that an alien trader attacked her and stole some of her Borg nanoprobes.

The Killing Game, Part 1

Episode #: 418
Air Date: 03.04.98
Our Rating:

The Hirogen seize Voyager, and use the holodecks to construct hunting scenarios -- with the ship's crew as the prey, suffering over and over again as the Doctor struggles to keep them alive.

The Killing Game, Part 2

Episode #: 419
Air Date: 03.04.98
Our Rating:

The Hirogen's World War II scenario spills out into the halls of Voyager, as Seven and Janeway work to restore the memories of their crewmates and expel the Hirogen.

Vis a Vis

Episode #: 420
Air Date: 04.08.98
Our Rating:

An alien test-pilot visits the ship, and befriends Tom Paris -- then steals his identity, replacing him and sending the real Tom off the ship.

The Omega Directive

Episode #: 421
Air Date: 04.15.98
Our Rating:

When the ship encounters an extremely rare and destructive omega particle, Janeway engages a secret Federation protocol that calls for its destruction -- despite Seven's objections.


Episode #: 422
Air Date: 04.22.98
Our Rating:

Voyager takes on a suspicious passenger -- a woman who claims to have had a romantic relationship with Commander Chakotay, though he has no memory of it.

Living Witness

Episode #: 423
Air Date: 04.29.98
Our Rating:

The Doctor finds himself as a museum artifact on an alien world 700 years in the future, and must set the record straight as to Voyager's involvement in the planet's violent history.


Episode #: 424
Air Date: 05.06.98
Our Rating:

Voyager is forced to search for deuterium fuel on a hostile Y-class planet, but Tom and Harry go missing. The crew is shocked to find them still alive on the planet's surface, living without environmental suits.


Episode #: 425
Air Date: 05.13.98
Our Rating:

A vast nebula plagued with deadly radiation blocks Voyager's path home, and the entire crew -- except Seven of Nine -- go into long-term stasis. Seven struggles with hallucinations as she attempts to keep the ship's basic systems running.

Hope and Fear

Episode #: 426
Air Date: 05.20.98
Our Rating:

An alien visitor helps the crew decipher a transmission from Starfleet, leading Voyager to an advanced starship capable of whisking them home in a few months.