Season Five Episode Guide


Episode #: 501
Air Date: 10.14.98
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The crew struggles to maintain their sanity after two months of traveling through a massive expanse of space devoid of stars, while Janeway wrestles with her decision that stranded Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. But an encounter with a new alien species prompts a new ethical conundrum.


Episode #: 502
Air Date: 10.21.98
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Seven's Borg technology inadvertently combines with the Doctor's 29th century mobile emitter, creating the most advanced Borg drone that has ever existed -- who looks to Seven for guidance.

Extreme Risk

Episode #: 503
Air Date: 10.28.98
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The crew races to build an advanced shuttle craft in a race against the Malon to recover one of Voyager's probes. Torres' depression pushes her toward self-destruction.

In the Flesh

Episode #: 504
Air Date: 11.04.98
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Voyager discovers a remote outpost that contains an exact reproduction of Starfleet Academy, complete with Federation personnel, and learn that Species 8472 is planning an invasion of Earth.

Once Upon A Time

Episode #: 505
Air Date: 11.11.98
Our Rating:

Neelix uses the holodeck to occupy young Naomi Wildman while her mother is away on a dangerous mission -- and is troubled by his own past when the away team is lost in an ion storm.


Episode #: 506
Air Date: 11.18.98
Our Rating:

Voyager prepares for its first quantum slipstream flight. Fifteen years in the future, Chakotay and Harry risk it all to change the past and prevent the ship's destruction, and the deaths of their friends.

Infinite Regress

Episode #: 507
Air Date: 11.25.98
Our Rating:

A Borg signal triggers the equivalent of multiple personality disorder in Seven, threatening to destroy her personality.

Nothing Human

Episode #: 508
Air Date: 12.02.98
Our Rating:

An alien organism attaches itself to Lieutenant Torres, leaving her near death. Her only hope is the holographic recreation of a Cardassian mass murderer.

Thirty Days

Episode #: 509
Air Date: 12.09.98
Our Rating:

Tom Paris faces a prison sentence after disobeying the captain's orders and trying to stop the people of an ocean-covered planet from destroying their world.


Episode #: 510
Air Date: 12.16.98
Our Rating:

Janeway becomes the unwilling host of a military inspection team while passing through Devore space, but finds herself falling in love with their leader when he defects.

Latent Image

Episode #: 511
Air Date: 01.20.99
Our Rating:

The Doctor discovers that someone on Voyager is tampering with his memory files, trying to keep him from remembering the death of a crewman.

Bride of Chaotica!

Episode #: 512
Air Date: 01.27.99
Our Rating:

When Photonic aliens enter Voyager's holodeck and mistake one of Paris' programs for reality, the crew must assume the roles of holodeck characters to avoid an interdimensional war.


Episode #: 513
Air Date: 02.03.99
Our Rating:

Tuvok and Paris are trapped on an isolated planet with an alien woman, who falls in love with the Vulcan officer. Voyager's crew work to rescue their people, though time is passing more quickly on the planet.


Episode #: 514
Air Date: 02.10.99
Our Rating:

The crew of Voyager is elated over the discovery of a wormhole leading straight back to Earth. But Seven works to undermine them, believing that the phenomenon is a trap.

Dark Frontier, Part 1

Episode #: 515
Air Date: 02.17.99
Our Rating:

The crew begins preparations to heist a transwarp coil from a Borg ship. Seven of Nine rejoins the Collective when the Borg Queen threatens to destroy Voyager.

Dark Frontier, Part 2

Episode #: 516
Air Date: 02.17.99
Our Rating:

Janeway and her crew risk everything to rescue Seven from the Collective -- who has been captured in a plan to assimilate humanity -- leading to a showdown with the Borg Queen.

The Disease

Episode #: 517
Air Date: 02.24.99
Our Rating:

When Voyager meets an alien generational ship, Harry commits an indiscretion with a beautiful young woman -- and begins to suffer from strange side-effects.

Course: Oblivion

Episode #: 518
Air Date: 03.03.99
Our Rating:

The crew of Voyager begin to suffer from unexplainable physical deterioration, and realize that they may not be who they think they are.

The Fight

Episode #: 519
Air Date: 03.24.99
Our Rating:

Voyager is trapped in chaotic space, and the crew's only way of escape may be through Chakotay's hallucinations -- during which he can communicate with a native alien.

Think Tank

Episode #: 520
Air Date: 03.31.99
Our Rating:

The crew of Voyager find themselves in the midst of hostile aliens set on taking the ship, but a benevolent group of alien thinkers arrives -- offering the solution to their problem, for a price.


Episode #: 521
Air Date: 04.26.99
Our Rating:

Torres and the crew must stop the destruction of a radiation-plagued Malon freighter, and discover that there may be some truth to the crew's superstitious belief in a radiogenic creature living on board.

Someone To Watch Over Me

Episode #: 522
Air Date: 04.28.99
Our Rating:

As Voyager entertains a Kadi ambassador, the Doctor tries to instruct Seven of Nine in her social development -- including dating.


Episode #: 523
Air Date: 05.05.99
Our Rating:

Janeway recalls the story of one of her twentieth-century ancestors, who she believes was instrumental in the construction of the first experimental biosphere.


Episode #: 524
Air Date: 05.12.99
Our Rating:

A Federation timeship from the 29th century enlists Seven's help in stopping an unknown enemy from planting a weapon on Voyager in the ship's past.


Episode #: 525
Air Date: 05.19.99
Our Rating:

The Doctor discovers an artificially intelligent device, which reveals itself to be a weapon of mass destruction -- and which takes over his holo-matrix, threatening to destroy Voyager.

Equinox, Part 1

Episode #: 526
Air Date: 05.26.99
Our Rating:

Voyager meets a Federation ship that has suffered the same fate: lost in the Delta Quadrant after the Caretaker pulled them there. But this captain and crew have failed to live up to Federation standards, in order to survive.