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Season Seven

Old alliances fracture and new ones emerge as Queen Cersei takes the Iron Throne for herself, while Daenerys's forces arrive on the shores of Westeros -- and in the North an army of the dead threaten to breach the Wall.


Season Six

With the northern defense in tatters the future of Westeros hangs in the balance, while Cersei and Jaime seek to regain Lannister control of King's Landing. Elsewhere, Daenerys finds herself once again at the mercy of the Dothraki.


Season Five

With Tyrion forced to seek out new allies in a distant land, Jon Snow is caught between two kings -- and Daenerys faces new challenges to her rule. A new king assumes the throne, leaving Cersei's future in King's Landing in doubt.


Season Four

Daenerys marches her followers to the slave city of Meereen, while the North is threatened by the Wildling army. A death in King's Landing throws Westeros into further chaos, and the Lannisters turn on one of their own.


Season Three

The struggle for the Seven Kingdoms of Westoros continues as a new threat emerges in the North. Daenerys Stormborn attempts to raise her army, and the Lannisters move to cement their power with a new alliance.


Season Two

A new king rules from the Iron Throne, but challenges from the North and from Robert Baratheon's brothers proves that the game is not over yet. A cold wind is rising.


Season One

After the Hand of the King is murdered, King Robert Baratheon calls upon his old friend Ned Stark to assume the dangerous position -- putting Ned and his family in the middle of a struggle for power over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.


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Show Status

IN PRODUCTION. Game of Thrones returns in April 2019 with its eighth and final season, with a total of six (extra-long) episodes. HBO is currently exploring multiple spin-off possibilities.

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