Season Three Episode Guide


Episode #: 301
Air Date: 09.21.12

Nathan and Duke look for Audrey. Meanwhile, the town experiences its oddest events ever, which may lead to more disappearances. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 302
Air Date: 09.28.12

Barbarians run amok in the streets of Haven, and it's up to Audrey and Nathan to bring the situation under control. (TV Guide)

The Farmer

Episode #: 303
Air Date: 10.05.12

A Boston cop connects a murder in Haven to similar crimes, leading Audrey and Nathan to suspect they are dealing with a killer who is harvesting organs. (TV Guide)

Over My Head

Episode #: 304
Air Date: 10.12.12

Audrey investigates a sudden rise in ocean-related deaths. (TV Guide)

Double Jeopardy

Episode #: 305
Air Date: 10.19.12

Audrey finds herself protecting Haven's criminals -- and Duke -- from a dangerous female vigilante whose methods for bringing down bad guys are questionable, to say the least. (TV Guide)

Real Estate

Episode #: 306
Air Date: 10.26.12

Audrey, Nathan and Duke find themselves trapped inside a notorious haunted house on Halloween night. (TV Guide)

Magic Hour, Part 1

Episode #: 307
Air Date: 11.02.12

Audrey and Duke travel west to follow a lead about the Colorado Kid's true identity, while Nathan and Tommy are left behind to deal with someone who can raise the dead.

Magic Hour, Part 2

Episode #: 308
Air Date: 11.09.12

Audrey and Duke return from Colorado; Audrey, Duke and Tommy tries to find the woman with the resurrection touch. (Zap2It)


Episode #: 309
Air Date: 11.16.12

Duke gets taken back to 1955; Nathan tries to find a way to rescue Duke from the past and to set things right in the present. (Zap2It)


Episode #: 310
Air Date: 11.30.12

As Audrey tries to change her fate, she finds herself face-to-face with the Bolt Gun Killer. (TV Guide)

Last Goodbyes

Episode #: 311
Air Date: 12.07.12

Audrey works on the Bolt Gun Killer case with the only other person in Haven who hasn't succumbed to a deep sleep. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 312
Air Date: 01.17.13

Nathan and Duke go back to their high school to help Audrey apprehend a troubled killer who is wreaking havoc at a student reunion. (TV Guide)

Thanks For the Memories

Episode #: 313
Air Date: 01.17.13

Audrey grapples with her fate; at the same time she, Nathan and Duke prepare for a showdown with the Bolt Gun Killer. (TV Guide)