Season One Episode Guide

Welcome to Haven

Episode #: 101
Air Date: 07.09.10

FBI agent Audrey Parker is dispatched to track a federal prison escapee who mysteriously dies shortly after reaching his hometown of Haven, Maine. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 102
Air Date: 07.23.10

As she tries to adapt to her new life in Haven, Audrey joins Nathan in a probe of the destruction of a local bar, which is soon followed by other strange events. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 103
Air Date: 07.30.10

Audrey and Nathan track down escapees from a psychiatric facility where a doctor went mad, but the patients became temporarily sane. The mystery spreads to Haven, as normal townsfolk go insane. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 104
Air Date: 07.30.10

Audrey probes her roots after she sees an old photo in the local newspaper of a woman who could be her mother; Nathan and Audrey investigate an epidemic that threatens the town's livestock and fields. (TV Guide)

Ball and Chain

Episode #: 105
Air Date: 08.06.10

Duke's life is in danger after Audrey and Nathan link his lover to cases in which men succumbed to rapid aging after sleeping with her. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 106
Air Date: 08.13.10

Nathan and Audrey probe animal attacks on hunters. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 107
Air Date: 08.20.10

A bent and broken body is discovered, kicking off inexplicable events that may be linked to a troubled person who can hurt people from afar. (TV Guide)

Ain't No Sunshine

Episode #: 108
Air Date: 08.27.10

A local ghost story may be more than it seems as patients at a Haven clinic speak of a dark spirit that claims the lives of sick people before their time. (TV Guide)

As You Were

Episode #: 109
Air Date: 09.10.10

Audrey's new Haven friends throw a surprise birthday party for her at a local hotel, but the celebration sours when the group learns that a predatory shape-shifter has replaced one of the party-goers. (TV Guide)

The Hand You're Dealt

Episode #: 110
Air Date: 09.17.10

Duke helps Audrey investigate the Colorado Kid case; Nathan and Audrey track a killer loose in Haven, but they find a woman at each crime scene who claims to be trying to prevent the deaths she has foreseen. (TV Guide)

The Trial of Audrey Parker

Episode #: 111
Air Date: 09.24.10

Agent Howard visits Haven to question Audrey about her strange behavior as a local policewoman, but the interrogation is derailed when two of the town's criminals hijack Duke's boat with Howard, Audrey and Duke aboard. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 112
Air Date: 10.01.10

A skeleton recovered from a shipwreck kicks off an investigation that may involve a poltergeist. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 113
Air Date: 10.08.10

A criminal with surprising links to most of the cast arrives in Haven while the cracks and fissures that have troubled the town multiply. (TV Guide)