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Arrow (401) - Green Arrow

Season Four

Oliver Queen must once again reinvent himself to be the hero that Star City needs when the city is threatened by a powerful villain named Damien Darkh, who has tapped into the dark arts.

Arrow (309) - The Climb

Season Three

After someone close to Oliver is murdered, Team Arrow find themselves pitted against a vengeful League of Assassins and its head, Ra's al Ghul. Newcomer Ray Palmer takes control of Queen Consolidated, and in the past Oliver lives in Hong Kong under the thumb of Amanda Waller.

Arrow (204) - Canary

Season Two

In the wake of a major catastrophe in Starling City, Oliver must become not just a revenge-seeking vigilante but the true hero that the city needs.

Arrow (101) - Pilot

Season One

After being presumed dead, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to fight corruption and right the wrongs of his family under the persona of a masked vigilante.

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IN PRODUCTION. Season Five of Arrow begins this fall on The CW, airing Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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